hipster, unique and hidden bars in perth

Hipster, Unique And Hidden Bars In Perth

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    Perth is home to a plethora of hidden, one-of-a-kind bars hidden away in the most incongruous of locations. One such bar is The Drunken Poet, a cosy pub on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley with a vintage feel.

    It's perfect for those in search of novelty or those eager to see more of Perth. This pub has a lot of unexpected treats in store for its patrons, from local music acts to craft beers made right here in the neighbourhood. No need to travel outside of Perth to find trendy watering holes if that's what you want.

    A travelogue of Perth's most cool, offbeat, and secluded watering holes. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the finest watering holes in Perth. Some of the most visited attractions by foreigners and natives alike are included.

    If you know where to look, Perth is full of hidden gems that are far superior to the same old bar you've visited 10 times. It appears Perth is experiencing a secret bar craze, with new establishments springing up in every basement, street, and alleyway, and we couldn't be happier about it. It's time to put on your bar-hopping shoes, because we’re about to reveal where you can get a drink in secret.

    Hipster Bars

    Perth's cosmopolitan culture and gorgeous beaches have gained widespread attention when the New York Times labelled the city a "hipster heaven." Check out the places on this list if you're looking for suggestions on how to spend some time in a hipster environment.

    Mechanics Institute

    The Mechanics Institute bar first opened in 2012 and takes its name from the Institutes of the 1800s, where adults could enrol in trade school. The Mechanics Institute is tucked away in Northbridge, behind the eaves of some historic buildings.

    This bar is a stunning example of a history building that has been lovingly repaired, making it an important cultural landmark. The split-level deck is ideal for intimate get-togethers with friends over a bottle of handcrafted wine or beverage. Burgers are quite popular and widely enjoyed, and they are excellent. Perhaps the most popular menu item is the flipside burger, which can be purchased right at the bar.

    Address: 6000 (entry rear laneway), 222 William St, Northbridge WA 6000, Australia

    Ezra Pound

    Even though there are many other bars in Perth that have an American Prohibition era theme, Ezra Pound is something special. Because this Perth watering hole is obscure and difficult to locate, patrons would be safest here even if prohibition were still in effect.

    The tavern can only be reached via a parking lot, which is located down a small alleyway. The pub, which was named after a British poet who lived in London, specialises in mixed drinks. But, the bartenders will gladly serve you something that isn't listed on the menu.

    Ezra Pound is a hidden gem in Northbridge, offering a finely curated wine and beer selection alongside great cocktails and paper bags for your beer bottle in a nod to the American prohibition era.

    Ezra Pound remains the nicest urban laneway for a covert beer picnic. The bar also has a selection of tasty snacks for customers who are hungry as they drink. Beer bottles are presented in paper bags to complement the eccentric atmosphere.

    There, in the midst of Ezra Pound's slaneway's spray-painted walls, visitors can sample exotic beverages like Kooinda Valhalla Ale. There will be a wide variety of people there, but everyone will agree that it's an unforgettable event.

    Address: 189 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia 

    perth the bird bar

    The Bird

    In addition to being a bar, The Bird also has some history. Its reputation as a hotspot for live music stems from the fact that bands and DJs have played within its historic brick walls. Guests should not be put off by its size, and once inside, it's easy to see why it's arguably the hippest pub in all of Perth.

    The Bird, located on William Street, is a newer pub and music venue in Northbridge that features both local and travelling acts. Although most events require an admission fee or tickets, there are still a few free happenings to catch each month.

    On the third Tuesday of every month, they host open-mic nights, making it a fantastic spot to hear up-and-coming bands while enjoying a pint of Feral Hop Hog or a bottle of Little Creatures Pale Ale. The beer garden is great, too, but it is basic and a little filthy. Perfect.

    See the surrounding areas if you find yourself here. Bivouac, located nearby, serves gnocchi straight from heaven. A second popular Mexican restaurant in Perth is La Cholita. Last but not least, Ezra Pound is one of the hippest streets in Perth since it is home to a legendary underground speakeasy.

    An illegal brothel operated in the buildings' current courtyard in the 1920s; the space was afterwards used as a butcher shop. The walls are still marked with the charring left by the smoked beef and other meats.

    The facility has been transformed into Perth's coolest spot for live music since 2010. The Bird bar has a warm and welcoming vibe, especially in its outdoor areas. Do not miss out on this one; it has attitude and is not to be missed.

    Address: 181 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

    Top-Secret Spots In Perth For A Late-Night Drink


    On the outside, it looks like an ordinary convenience store, but once you step inside and through the refrigerator doors, you'll find a lively bar with a DJ spinning tunes and greasy burgers for late night snacking. The rock music, pleasant vibes, and ample beer selection at the new Perth pub Convenients are sure to please.

    Inside a fully operational convenience shop is a brand new music venue (pretty handy, if you ask us). Don't be fooled by the cheerful exterior, though; beyond that refrigerator door is a secret lair for all things rock 'n' roll.


    Perth's newest (and best) kept secret disco dancefloor is here, and it's everything you could want in a night out: sultry, sexy, and a little bit wicked. We need to know Toots' exact whereabouts. Our only clue is that she's located in Northbridge's Chinatown, but you'll need all your bar-hunting wits to track her down because she's a secret bar within a secret bar. Once you've figured it out, all you have to do is ask, "Is Toots in?" to be granted entrance to a disco extravaganza straight out of the '70s, where you may dance the night away.

    Sneaky Tony’s

    Around three hundred different types of rum from every region of the world can be found at this hidden bar. Sneaky Tony's. The best Perth bar nerds know about this hidden gem amid Northbridge's alleys. The password will be posted on their Facebook page on Friday and Saturday, so be sure to check it then. This secret rum bar is well-known to drinkers of all skill levels. The rum is yours for the taking if you can only crack the code and locate Sneaky Tony's hidden entrance.


    You won't find Helvetica, one of Perth's first laneway pubs, among the city's tallest office buildings. Enjoy a glass of their finest whisky in a comfortable, nostalgic setting with plush furnishings and dim lighting. One of Perth's original speakeasies, Helvetica, remains a top-notch option for stealthy whisky sips.

    Varnish on King

    This whisky bar, situated in an underground cavern, is a haven of underground refinement, serving up drinks and food of equal renown. You'll find Varnish on King hidden beneath King Street, and once you're in, you won't want to leave. Varnish on King, hidden beneath King Street's posh surface, is a sleek speakeasy known for its potent whisky.

    Foxtrot Unicorn

    Foxtrot Unicorn, tucked away in a bank vault beneath St. Georges Terrace, is a vintage bar full of interesting stories and great times. The best spirits, cocktails, and wine from bygone eras are served by award-winning bartenders in this cosy underground den. They offer a 10-cheese toastie and jaffles on their ridiculously fantastic cheese menu, so there's really nothing else to be said.

    Foxtrot Unicorn, located in a converted bank vault beneath St. Georges Terrace, is a great place to escape the bright lights of the city and have a few drinks in a sultry atmosphere. The "jaffle crack" spice, garlic butter, and parmesan bread crumbs on the cheese jaffles are the icing on the cake.

    perth joe’s juice joint bar

    Joe’s Juice Joint

    Locals in Perth know that they can count on this low-key basement watering hole to provide them with a good time. Rock 'n' roll, fried chicken, pinball, craft beer, and a whole lot of fun can all be found at Joe's Juice Joint. A late-night destination where you can dance to classic rock into the wee hours.

    The Northbridge bar crawl culminates in Joe's Juice Joint, the ultimate location to embarrass yourself. Or, you may dance. Enjoy the good times with a pickleback in hand.

    Alfred’s Pizzeria

    If you go down the creaky old steps marked with a neon pizza sign, you will be transported to pizza nirvana. Welcome to Perth's best-kept secret, if you're a pizza addict. The beverages menu at Alfred's Pizza, a basement bar ideal for a late-night snack, includes tantalising cocktails and a fine collection of gins.

    Alfred's Pizza is a speakeasy in the heart of the city, hidden from the prying eyes of shoppers and filled with the sounds of rock 'n' roll, prohibition-era cocktails, and fugitives. The best site to find assassins for hire.

    The Jazz Cellar

    By the magic of a red telephone booth from yesteryear, you can travel back in time to a world of jazzy sophistication. Over the course of twenty years, jazz fans have been flocking to the intimate Mount Hawthorn bar known simply as "The Jazz Cellar" every Friday night because of the assured live jazz and good times.

    Get your friends and make the trip down for a night of music and dancing you won't want to finish. The best secret jazz club in Perth hasn't lost any of its lustre. Go inside The Jazz Cellar's secret crimson phone booth and be whisked back in time to the golden era of jazz.


    Caballitos, located beneath the historic 1907 on Queen Street, is a Mexican food paradise. They serve delicious tacos and icy margaritas. Tequila is the main focus here. If you want to leave the bar stumbling, try The Lagarita, a delightful blend of cold margarita and corona.

    Caballitos, tucked hidden beneath the old 1907 on Queen Street, serves some of the greatest cocktails in town and delicious Mexican fare. So order a lagerita and some tacos and call it a night.

    Pooles Temple

    We've got the right atmosphere for you—low-key and sultry as any good subterranean bar should be. After settling into one of Pooles Temple's velvet chairs and listening to some live jazz while sipping one of their signature martinis, you may never want to leave.

    Pooles Temple is situated in the former Treasury building safe room, which is located below ground. It's dark and moody, with a menu that boasts all things French; you'll want to sink into one of the velvet chairs and drink the night away with a martini or three.

    perth alabama song bar

    Alabama Song

    This Northbridge dive bar is decorated in an Americana style and serves a wide variety of whiskies and bourbons. The country music at Alabama Song is infectious, and the American cheeseburgers are just what you need to round up a night of drinking.

    Alabama Song, a dive bar and restaurant serving greasy American fare, drinks, and rye whisky, is the closest thing to legal bliss you'll find in an alley. A little honky-tonk and you might as well be spending the night in Alabama.

    Unique Bars

    There's a lot of buzz and enthusiasm in Perth at the moment because of all the new restaurants, clubs, and cultural centres that have recently opened and are altering the cityscape. Some of the best establishments are tucked away owing to an ingenious little project called Forgotten Spaces. These spots tend to be independent, experimental, and specialised (think dedicated whisky bars).

    With the help of this council-funded programme, the city's central areas have been given a new lease on life, with chandeliers hanging in alleys and ever-changing street art bringing life to parking lots. It's not just the downtown core where interesting new bars with artistic decor and top-notch cocktail menus are opening (Central Business District). Leederville, Northbridge, and Mount Lawley, all trendy downtown neighbourhoods, are also undergoing changes. In honour of Australia Day, we've rounded up a few of our favourite spots around town, whether for their breathtaking vistas or delectable fare.

    perth stables bar

    El Publico

    Perth has seen the rise of a number of trendy Mexican eateries, but this Beaufort Street bar and kitchen is led by one of Australia's most exciting young chefs, Sam Ward. They have a wide selection of tequilas and mezcals to go with the excellent and varied street cuisine from all across Mexico that they serve. People from all over, both natives and foodies, are raving about the place and its cuisine.

    Other dishes to try are the fried chickpeas with burnt tortilla salt, the prawns with green chilli, and the slow-cooked pork belly with Oaxacan chocolate. Then, relax in the eclectic repurposed decor while sipping on a mezcal ice lolly flavoured with cucumber and sea salt. Getting there is as easy as taking a walk or a bus ride from the downtown area. It's a decision you won't regret making.

    Stables Bar

    Perth's central business district is home to a number of repurposed historic buildings, like this one, which was once a horse and hay industry. Other examples include former flour mills and print works.

    Limestone and Timber panels buried in the walls from the original construction have been preserved, giving the house a homey, weathered appearance. Here you can experience the stunning blueness of Perth's natural surroundings and get a sense of the outdoor lifestyle that so many people in Perth enjoy.

    The restaurant and bar, which are separated by a flight of steps, can be opened to a sun-dappled cobblestone patio through floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Beware the crowds on the weekends when the residents come to enjoy the vista of the city skyline while sipping Margaret River wines.

    Everything from the bread to the meat curing to the condiments is made in-house, making the menu an authentic representation of contemporary Australian cuisine. The cheese board features some of the greatest local producers, while the pan-fried wild barramundi with basil salad, broad beans, and risoni pasta, all include prominent local flavours.

    Mechanics Institute

    If you're looking for a classic rooftop pub with a welcoming atmosphere, look no further than Mechanics Institute. The bartenders here are experts, continuously coming up with new and exciting drink recipes, and the Flipside burgers will keep you full all night long. If you know where to look, you can find the best little bar in all of Perth just off of a back alley. Visit the Mechanics Institute, instead, and sip on a handcrafted cocktail while taking in the view of the terrace.

    A short walk from Perth's downtown, Northbridge is where you'll find the best selection of the city's historic landmarks, trendy new bars, and cheap eats. All three may be found in this wonderful watering hole, and more: a rooftop beer garden with breathtaking panoramas of the city below. Take advantage of Perth's sunny days by relaxing on the long benches and perusing the large wine list and ever-changing cocktail menu.

    Hillbilly Bob's Ruckus Juice is a crowd favourite. Beer, ginger beer, orgeat syrup, and lime juice with rum. You may also have a burger crafted with Washington State beef from the renowned Flipside Burgers below and order one of their world-famous Bloody Marys. Winners of the 2014 Best Small Bar Award, and rightfully so.

    The Classroom

    The Classroom in North Perth is the place to go if you want to learn how to mix drinks like a pro. Their liquid nitrogen espresso martini was the talk of the Margaret River Gourmet Getaway, and if for no other reason than to try one, a trip to North Perth is in order. These are goggles for the science experiment. An alternative is Ms. White, which can be enjoyed with edible "paint" dispensed from pipettes.

    A more lighthearted approach might be to serve dishes like orange blossom pears, meatball sliders, and blue cheese croquettes garnished with edible flowers, or the Australian favourite, aubergine Jenga with dukkah spices.

    It's set in a time and place that evokes nothing except fond memories. Donated by local schools, the event featured lighting fixtures made from twisted bicycle wheels, walls covered in superhero-themed lunchboxes, dusty chalkboards, and a horror show of school pictures. Funny in a good way.


    There are a multitude of secret, one-of-a-kind bars in Perth, and many of them are in the unlikeliest of places. Mount Lawley's The Drunken Poet on Beaufort Street is a great choice for the curious and those who want to get out and explore more of Perth. The Mechanics Institute bar, which has been around since 2012, gets its name from the Institutes of the 1800s, where working adults could attend vocational training programmes. Perth has been called "hipster utopia" by the New York Times, and this list provides some ideas for enjoying the city's hipster culture. The Mechanics Institute is a cultural icon in Northbridge, and its two-story terrace is a great place to host small gatherings and enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

    One of its most popular items, the reverse burger, is available for purchase at the bar. At Northbridge, you'll find the hidden gem that is Ezra Pound, where you can enjoy a carefully chosen wine and beer selection, fantastic cocktails, and even paper bags for your beer bottle, a reference to the American Prohibition era. Located on William Street, the Bird is a relatively new Northbridge tavern and music venue that hosts both regional and national bands. The third Tuesday of the month is open mic night, and the bar is always busy with people enjoying the DJ'd sounds and greasy burgers. If you're looking for a place to drink late at night, head to the beer garden, which is simple and a touch dirty but serves the purpose.

    Content Summary

    1. There are a multitude of secret, one-of-a-kind bars in Perth, and many of them are in the unlikeliest of places.
    2. The Drunken Poet, a charming pub on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, fits this category.
    3. If you're looking for hip bars, there's no need to venture outside of Perth.
    4. A guide to the hippest, tastiest, and most remote watering establishments in Perth.
    5. Here, we'll explore some of Perth's top bars and pubs.
    6. This guidebook includes some of the top destinations for both international and local tourists.
    7. Perth has several undiscovered gems that are much more enjoyable than the same old bar you've been to ten times.
    8. Perth seems to be in the midst of a hidden bar boom; there are new watering holes appearing on seemingly every block.
    9. Hoots for the Hipster Set The New York Times called Perth a "hipster utopia" because of its diverse population and beautiful beaches.
    10. If you're seeking for ways to spend time in a hipster setting, the options here are worth exploring.
    11. Tucked hidden in Northbridge behind the overhangs of several old buildings is the Mechanics Institute.
    12. The reverse burger, which is available for purchase at the bar, is probably the most sought-after dish.
    13. Even if Prohibition were still in effect, this Perth watering spot would be the safest option for drinkers due to its inaccessibility and anonymity.
    14. The only way to get to the bar is through the parking lot, which is along a narrow alley.
    15. The pub, named for a London-based British poet, is known for its creative cocktails.
    16. Located in Northbridge, the unassuming Ezra Pound features a well-curated wine and beer list, excellent cocktails, and a reference to the US Prohibition era with touches like paper bags for your beer bottle.
    17. You can't beat Ezra Pound as the best urban alleyway for a low-key beer picnic.
    18. Beer is served in paper bags to add to the offbeat ambience.
    19. Exotic drinks like Kooinda Valhalla Ale are available there, among the spray-painted walls of Ezra Pound's slaneway.
    20. "The Bird" The Bird is not only a pub, but a place steeped in history.
    21. Bands and DJs have played within its old brick walls, contributing to the venue's notoriety as a prime location to experience live music.
    22. Don't let the little exterior fool you; once inside, you'll see why this watering hole is widely considered one of the coolest in all of Perth.
    23. Located on William Street, the Bird is a relatively new Northbridge tavern and music venue that hosts both regional and national bands.
    24. There's also a wonderful beer garden there, albeit a simple one that's a little dirty.
    25. In addition to El Charro, La Cholita is another well-liked Mexican eatery in Perth.
    26. Finally, Ezra Pound is one of Perth's trendiest areas since it is the site of a storied subterranean speakeasy.
    27. Since 2010, the venue has become one of the best places to see live music in Perth.
    28. The outside sections of the Bird bar are very cosy and inviting.
    29. The new Perth bar Convenients features rock music, a relaxed atmosphere, and a wide variety of beers.
    30. She's a secret bar within a secret bar, and our only hint is that she's in Northbridge's Chinatown, so you'll need all your bar-hunting wits to find her.
    31. get your request to enter a 1970s-style disco ball granted so that you can party the night away with your closest friends.
    32. Tony's Dish of Deceit There are almost 300 distinct kinds of rum available here, representing every region of the world.
    33. You can have the rum if you can decipher the secret code and find Tricky Tony's concealed entrance.
    34. The Juice Bar at Joe's Perth locals know they can have fun at this unassuming basement bar.
    35. Joe's Juice Joint is the place to go for rock 'n' roll, fried chicken, pinball, artisan beer, and a good time.
    36. Somewhere to go after dark if you want to get your groove on to some vintage rock tunes.
    37. The Northbridge pub crawl concludes with Joe's Juice Joint, the pinnacle of social humiliation.
    38. With a pickleback in hand, it's time to celebrate.
    39. Cafeteria Pizzeria Alfredo Going down the rickety old stairs with the neon pizza sign at the bottom will take you directly to pizza heaven.
    40. Alfred's Pizza is a bar in the basement that serves delicious pizza and drinks for those craving a midnight snack.
    41. Tucked away from the prying eyes of shoppers, Alfred's Pizza is a speakeasy in the middle of the city, complete with rock 'n' roll, cocktails, and fugitives from the law.
    42. Here at the Jazz Cellar Time travel to a world of jazzy elegance is possible with the use of a vintage red telephone booth.
    43. Since its inception twenty years ago, "The Jazz Cellar" in Mount Hawthorn has been a Friday night destination for jazz lovers in search of great music and good times.
    44. Perth's premier underground jazz club is as popular as ever.
    45. Go into the hidden red phone booth at The Jazz Cellar and be transported to the heydey of jazz.
    46. Caballitos Located in the basement of the historic 1907 on Queen Street, Caballitos is a mecca for Mexican cuisine.
    47. Constructed in the style of the Temple of Poseidon at Pooles If you're looking for a basement bar with a relaxed and seductive vibe, you've found it.
    48. It's possible that once you've settled into one of Pooles Temple's velvet chairs, listened to some live jazz, and sipped on one of their signature martinis, you won't want to leave.
    49. Pooles Temple can be found at the subterranean location of the former safe room of the Treasury building.
    50. Unparalleled Bars In light of the numerous recent openings of exciting new eateries, nightclubs, and cultural centres, Perth is experiencing a period of great excitement and revitalisation.
    51. According to a clever initiative called Forgotten Places, some of the best restaurants and bars are hidden from plain sight.
    52. This category of establishments is typically unconventional, forward-thinking, and niche (think dedicated whisky bars).
    53. Chandeliers hung in alleys and ever-changing street art brought life to parking lots thanks to this council-funded programme, which revitalised the city's key neighbourhoods.
    54. Unique new pubs with unique decor and excellent drink menus are opening all throughout, not just in the central business district (Central Business District).
    55. Changes can also be seen in the hip downtown neighbourhoods of Leederville, Northbridge, and Mount Lawley.
    56. For Australia Day, we've compiled a list of some of our top picks for great food and stunning scenery around town.
    57. Several hip Mexican restaurants have opened up shop in El Publico Perth, but one of Australia's most promising young chefs, Sam Ward, is at the helm of this Beaufort Street bar and kitchen.
    58. The great and varied street food from all across Mexico is complemented by a vast range of tequilas and mezcals.
    59. Everyone, both locals and visitors, can't stop raving about the restaurant.
    60. Horseshoe Bar There are a number of repurposed historic buildings in Perth's CBD, including this one that was originally used in the horse and hay industries.

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    The Camfield. On the bank of the Swan River, nestled in at the base of Optus Stadium, enjoying its front row seat to the Perth City skyline and the stunning Matagarup Bridge is where you'll find The Camfield, Australia's Largest Pub.

    Perth may be known for its relaxed vibe, but the city's art scene is anything but sleepy. Comedy shows, live music, art galleries, museums and cultural centres are all on offer. See what's on with arts and culture in Perth.

    A speakeasy, in its strict definition, is a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, particularly during the prohibition era.

    Bars, by definition, are the places where people go to consume numerous alcoholic beverages. The primary objective of bars is to provide you with as many different alcoholic drinks or liquors as possible. They also offer snacks like chips or nuts to eat, and some may even provide food from a dinner menu.

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