The Best Bars In Perth for Having a Good Time

The Best Bars In Perth For Having A Good Time

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    This is the perfect blog post for those of you who will soon be in Perth and would like to have a few drinks while you're there. You'll never forget your time spent drinking in one of these top Perth establishments. Perth's top watering holes are the party spots that know how to throw a good bash. Here is a rundown of some fantastic spots to enjoy a night out with good food, drinks, and company.

    One of the most crucial tasks for each tourist in Perth is to choose the top nightlife establishments. These are some of the finest places to spend an evening, whether with friends or a special someone.

    If you know where to search, you can find the top bars in Perth with little effort. There are bars here that pay homage to various cultures, others that pay homage to the seven seas, and still others where you can go retro and challenge your pals to a round of classic arcade games.

    You can also find regular social events and dance floors open till dawn if you're interested in partying and live music. If you're in need of a cure for your thirst, whether it be for a pub crawl, a night out with friends, or a Friday night out with coworkers, go no further than Perth's finest watering holes.

    The Top Perth Art Bars

    If you ever find yourself in Perth, you must visit the Best Art Bars. In recent years, Perth's nightlife has flourished. When you factor in Perth's thriving arts and cultural scene, you have an ever-expanding selection of pubs that provide more than just excellent beverages; many also include striking decor and intriguing themes.

    Few things have been as difficult as selecting the top bars in Perth, but we'll do our best. The process of narrowing down this list has taken many late nights of bar hopping and cocktail sampling all throughout our city.

    We've researched an extensive selection of the best bars in the city, including classic cocktail lounges that never go out of style, underground speakeasies that need some legwork to get, and wine bars that serve glass after glass of delicious vino.

    The Ellington Jazz Club

    191 Beaufort Street, Perth

    Perth's Ellington Jazz Club is a mecca for jazz fans, hosting performances by some of the world's top musicians as well as the best local and international artists. So reserve your spot online, come on down every night at 6:30, and enjoy some drinks as your ears are treated to live music.

    Talented students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and other local artists including soul vocalist Natalie Gillespie and jazz bandleader James Flynn will be rehearsing for a performance in November.

    perth the bird bar

    The Bird

    181 William Street, Northbridge

    Unlike most music venues, The Bird also hosts visual art, literary readings, and other kinds of artistic expression. The Northbridge wine bar is well-known for hosting Perth's top storytellers in its annual Storybattle and for showcasing the works of local visual artists in its gallery area.

    There is also live music every day, ranging from DJ sets to performances by local bands to The Bird's unique Kara'yo!'ke, where you can try your hand at rhyming to the current hip hop hits with lines given by the venue.

    Bistro Felix

    118 – 120 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

    Subiaco's Bistro Felix is the place to go for a taste of France in Perth, with a menu that includes everything from pasta and drinks like European wines and cocktails to desserts like Crème Brulee and macarons and cheese made with fresh ingredients and served in a plush bistro setting. Classic French movie posters and advertisements will transport your thoughts to Paris as you dine there.

    Mojos Bar

    273 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle

    Mojos Bar, in Fremantle, Western Australia, is widely regarded as the best places to hear live music in the city. Concerts feature both established performers from around the world and up-and-coming acts from the host country. The pub also hosts Mojos Monthly Comedy by Vulture Culture on the same night as the live music.

    So, get ready to have a good time every other Tuesday of the month. The best of the local music scene can be experienced by purchasing tickets online for specific acts performing at the pub.

    The Grid

    U1/310 William Street, Northbridge

    Another 'art' genre is up next. For Perth's Formula One enthusiasts, The Grid is utopia. In addition to being a fantastic venue to eat and watch the race with friends, in this category, you can also find Formula One (F1) racing simulations that come as near to the actual thing as possible. Get behind the wheel and race across F1-themed virtual tracks for as little as $29 for 30 minutes or $49 for an hour.

    Best Bars In Perth For A Great Night Out

    Well, it's true that first impressions matter when choosing a Perth pub where you'll feel comfortable spending the night. Yes, a well-curated bar selection is crucial. As an additional consideration, food is crucial. Once those two things are taken care of (as they should be at any excellent bar), all anyone wants to do is sit somewhere nice and drink themselves stupid—but not too silly, because these are Perth's most gorgeous bars.

    Palace Arcade

    84 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6003

    +61 08 9227 7439 

    If you're looking for the hippest bar in Perth, go no further than the retro-themed Palace Arcade. From racing simulators to one-on-one brawlers to pinball machines, this Northbridge watering hole has it all. There's plenty of games to choose from, so there's never any downtime.

    Remember, this is a bar, so there will be drinks available for the hardworking patrons who are striving to beat the high score. The Palace Arcade is a gamer's heaven because to its extensive food menu with pizza, wings, and loaded fries. If you're searching for a fun place to spend the evening, both serious and casual gamers will enjoy The Palace Arcade.

    Tiny’s Bar and Liquor Emporium

    QV1 Cnr Hay & Milligan St, Perth WA 6000

    +61 08 6166 9188 

    Tiny's Bar and Liquor Emporium is the best drop-in bar in Perth, thanks to the exceptional curation of the wine list by the resident wine sommelier. Tiny's Bar and Liquor Emporium's kitchen and bar are in sync to provide diners with delectable dishes and sampling plates to complement the extensive wine list.

    Vegetables are used exclusively from the rooftop garden, so you know you're getting the freshest stuff in Perth. If you haven't had your fill by the time you leave, you may stop by the bar's bottle shop and pick up some souvenirs to enjoy later.

    perth el grotto bar

    El Grotto

    5/148 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019

    1300 919 557

    If you're going out for the evening and want to try some international cuisine, El Grotto offers authentic Mexican cuisine. This seaside Mexican bar in Perth's Scarborough suburbs is the good place to unwind with a cold one on a sunny afternoon.

    As soon as the sun goes down, the partying starts and the world-famous vibes begin. The traditional Mexican fare of tacos, burritos, nachos, and of course, chips and guacamole, are all available at El Grotto to satisfy your hunger after a night of partying. El Grotto is the next best thing to actually visiting Mexico if you don't have the time or money to get there.

    The Flour Factory

    16 Queen St, Perth WA 6000

    +61 08 9485 1711 

    If you're known as the gin drinker among your pals and you haven't gone to The Flour Factory yet, where have you been? The Flour Factory is Perth's premier gin bar, with two entire pages of the drink menu devoted to the spirit.

    The bartenders will be able to help you if you're unfamiliar with gin and don't know what to order. You can let chance choose your drink by visiting the spinning wheel of gin, which features 24 different gin cocktail combinations. You can also choose from many different drinks, beers, and wines if gin isn't your thing.

    Galway Hooker

    3/148 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019

    +61 08 6559 4781 

    The Galway Hooker is the place to go if you want to try your luck in Ireland without leaving the country. The tavern itself was constructed in Ireland before being moved to Australia, making it the epitome of authentic Irish culture and design in the antipodes.

    They keep Guinness on tap all the time, and there's a wide selection of Irish whisky in the back. Galway Hookers also features frequent live music performances perfect for any event. We're dead serious about this being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so come on down to the closest thing Australia has to Ireland.

    Republic Of Fremantle

    To complement the historic architecture on Pakenham Street, a new distillery called The Republic of Fremantle has opened. It's no surprise that the brand's namesake gin and vodka, which have won awards, are the stars of the show, given the time and care that went into distilling them from grape to glass, along with the gloomy surroundings and high-end appetisers. When you've sampled a flight, peruse the extensive cocktail menu, which features both original recipes and updated versions of old favourites, as well as some truly stunning bottled concoctions.

    Neon Palms

    Neon Palms, formerly Panama Social, is the idea of Hayden Carter and Sasha Fagan, two people who are passionate about hospitality. Enjoy refreshing summer cocktails, tasty Latin American fare, and hip Miami-Vice ambience in its lush, neon-decorated surroundings without leaving Perth. Grab a couple of empanadas and a neon margarita, and settle into a seat or the courtyard for a fun evening.

    Clarence’s Company Store

    Earlier this year, the remodelled Clarences, a beloved local pub in Mount Lawley, reopened as Clarence’s Company Store. The music, dark corners, boujee snacks, and a good dash of whisky at this new bar give it a new spin, brought to you by a brilliant staff and inspired by the ambience of New Orleans' French Quarter. Relax under the twinkling fairy lights in the courtyard after ordering one of the bar's excellent cocktails.

    Foxtrot Unicorn

    Despite its relative youth, Foxtrot Unicorn has earned its place on this list by employing some of Australia's finest bartenders. These bartenders have the best cocktail shaking skills, complete with gloomy atmosphere and corny ramblings. Absolutely nothing, that's for sure.

    perth the royal hotel bar

    The Royal Hotel

    A visit to The Royal Hotel is a must if you're in the area because of the grand, old-school hotel atmosphere, excellent drink selection, and delectable pub grub. After a few drinks at the bar, if you're in the mood for something more refined, head to the fleur, a little dining room that serves meals that will blow your mind.

    Strange Company

    We haven't even scratched the surface of the wine selection at Odd Company yet. It's no surprise that this cosy tavern is always jam-packed with patrons. We think it's the ideal bar because: the service is chill; the cuisine is great; and the drinks are plentiful.

    Pep’s Wine Bar

    Since launching in October of last year, Pep's Wine Bar has been regularly busy, proving that Peppermint Grove had been waiting for a neighbourhood bar of this calibre. The 230-plus bottle contemporary wine list features a variety of minimal intervention wines that are all too hard to choose between, and the restaurant's casual suburban dining space, complete with exposed brick and timber furnishings, provides a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere in which to explore them. We recommend going to the pub and asking for assistance there.


    Besk, a pub and bittle shop in West Leedy, opened in 2019 and has been a rapid favourite among locals. The trendy decor, tasty food, and, of course, the absurd selection of craft beers. While you could simply place your order at the bar, we recommend perusing the on-premises bottle shop for a wider selection of wines.

    Shadow Wine Bar

    Shadow Wine Bar is Perth's best kept secret, but if you appreciate lavish sophistication, it will quickly become your go-to spot. Shadow is undeniably one of the best bars in Perth, and it's also one of the most beautiful. It's dark, moody, and has one of the best wine lists in the city, which is guaranteed to impress even the pickiest of us.

    Percy Flint

    Percy Flint has a wide selection of high-quality craft beers and fantastic cocktails. It's easy to see why people in South Freo are so taken with this bar; not only is the setting stunning, but the service is kind and the beverages are top-notch. In the summer, patrons can enjoy drinks under the twinkling lights of the outside bar, while in the depths of winter, they can huddle together for warmth in the inside establishment's big fireplace.


    The Scandinavian-inspired SKØL, whose name translates to "cheers" in Norse, has set up shop in the Drift Cafe courtyard. Natural wines and house-crafted beers, charcuterie platters and sharing plates are the stars of the show here, along with the clean, minimalist design and the friendly, chill atmosphere.

    Si Paradiso

    When Europe made a plea, Si Paradiso answered with its stylish Italian ambience. Imagine a vast amphitheatre with mosaic flooring and stained glass windows inside, with colourful beach umbrellas and plenty of plants outside. This bar, which has hosted many a DJ set and even a disco ball, exudes retro cool and is backed up by a great drinks menu that goes great with the cheesy wood-fired pizza they serve.

    perth madalena’s bar

    Madalena’s Bar 

    Only a not too long distance from the beach, this restaurant offers stunning sunsets, fresh seafood, and sauvignon blanc. You can get everything you want out of a Sunday afternoon at Madalena's Wine and Seafood Bar in South Freo. As if that weren't enough, Maddalena's also does its part to support the local fishing community by establishing direct relationships with the fishermen there. Feel free to enjoy the ocean breeze, a glass of organic wine, and a plate of freshly shucked oysters.

    Darling Darling

    Darling Darling, reimagined by famous bar designer Ashley Sutton, was inspired by a watering hole from the 1800s frequented by seamen on their way to Fremantle after spending years at sea. Situated in the historic Sadleirs building on Henry Street (not far from the harbour), this cosy pub will transport you to the depths of the ship's hold as you enjoy a G&T.

    Joe’s Juice Joint and Alabama Song

    Joe's Juice Joint and Alabama Song are a powerful duo located right off William Street. Get the night rolling with a Pickle Back (a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle juice; it sounds crazy, but it works) and some loud rock music downstairs at Joe's. After dinner, head upstairs to Alabama Song for a floor dance to Americana tunes and a shot of good ol' bourbon.

    Jungle Bird

    West Fremantle is getting a taste of the laid-back, beachy atmosphere that can be found at Jungle Bird. The restaurant is open 7 days a week and serves a wide variety of Caribbean dishes, including jerk chicken with Jamaican rice, as well as a wide selection of rums, whiskies, dark spirits, beers, and cocktails. What Freo needs is this High Street bar/cafe, so bring on the afternoon cocktails.


    In Perth, you can find some of the best locations to spend the night out with friends or a significant other at some of the city's top nightclubs. There are bars that celebrate different cultures, as well as traditional arcade games. If you are interested in social events and dancing until dawn with live music, you will find both. Classic cocktail lounges, hidden speakeasies, and wine bars are all represented among the Best Perth Art Bars. It's no secret that the Ellington Jazz Club is a must-visit destination for jazz aficionados: it regularly features concerts from both established and up-and-coming performers from all over the world.

    In preparation for a November performance, WAAPA and other area performers will be rehearsing. Live music, visual art, and literary readings may all be experienced at Perth's The Bird, Bistro Felix, Mojos Bar, and The Grid. Try your shot at rapping to today's top hip-hop tracks with lyrics provided by the Bird's Kara'yo!'ke competition. At The Grid, you can play Formula One racing simulators that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. On the same night as live music, Mojos Bar also has Mojos Monthly Comedy by Vulture Culture.

    Tiny's Bar and Liquor Emporium and The Palace Arcade are two of the most beautiful bars in Perth. Tiny's is the greatest drop-in pub in Perth due to its exceptional curation of the wine list and kitchen and bar, while the Palace Arcade is a vintage-themed bar with a wide selection of games. All of the vegetables used in the kitchen come straight from the bar's rooftop garden, and if you still have room for more, the bottle shop has plenty of tasty treats for the road. Located in Perth's Scarborough suburbs, El Grotto is a Mexican bar serving traditional fare. Two pages of the drink menu at Perth's best bar, The Flour Factory, are dedicated to gin.

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    1. Your experience at one of Perth's finest watering holes will be one of the highlights of your trip.
    2. If you're looking for a good time, head to one of Perth's best bars.
    3. Choosing the best places to party is an important chore for any visitor to Perth.
    4. Some of the best venues to spend an evening with friends or a special someone are listed below.
    5. The best bars in Perth are easy to locate if you know where to look.
    6. You need look no farther than Perth's finest watering establishments to quench your thirst on a pub crawl, a night out with pals, or a Friday night out with coworkers.
    7. It took many late nights of bar hopping and cocktail sampling across our city to narrow this list down to its current form.
    8. We've scouted out a wide variety of the city's top watering holes, from wine bars that pour glass after glass of exquisite vino to timeless cocktail lounges that never go out of style.
    9. Location: 191 Beaufort Street, Perth, Australia Website: For anyone interested in jazz, the Ellington Jazz Club in Perth is a must-visit destination, as it regularly features performances by acclaimed performers from all over the world.
    10. The Bird, Northbridge; 181 William Street The Bird is not like other music venues in that it also features visual art and literary readings.
    11. This Northbridge wine bar is famous for two things: its annual Storybattle, when Perth's best storytellers compete, and its gallery space, which features the work of local visual artists.
    12. Subiaco's Bistro Felix is located at 118-120 Rokeby Road. Pasta, drinks (such European wines and cocktails), and desserts (like Crème Brulee and macarons and cheese) cooked with fresh ingredients and served in a sumptuous cafe atmosphere can all be found at Bistro Felix in Subiaco, Perth.
    13. We are located at 273 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle, and are known as Mojos Bar. The Fremantle, Western Australia bar Mojos Bar is largely considered to be among the best venues in the area for live music.
    14. U1/310 William Street, Northbridge, on the Grid We'll be moving on to yet another "art" subgenre now.
    15. The Grid is paradise for Perth's F1 fans.
    16. This bar is more than just a great place to grab a bite and watch the race with pals; it also offers F1 simulators that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.
    17. This Northbridge bar features every type of arcade game imaginable, from racing simulators to one-on-one fighters to pinball machines.
    18. There's a wide variety of games to pick from, ensuring that players are never bored.
    19. The Palace Arcade's enormous menu of pizza, wings, and loaded fries makes it a paradise for hungry gamers.
    20. Whether you're a seasoned player or just looking for a good time, The Palace Arcade is a great option for an entertaining evening out.
    21. If you're looking for the best bar to stop by in Perth, look no further than Tiny's Bar and Liquor Emporium on the corner of Hay and Milligan Streets in the QV1 building (telephone: +61 08 6166 9188; website: The wine list there has been meticulously curated by a wine sommelier.
    22. The bartenders and chefs at Tiny's Bar and Liquor Emporium work together to create delicious small plates and appetisers to pair with the large wine list.
    23. Relax with a beer on a warm day at this Mexican watering hole in Perth's Scarborough neighbourhood.
    24. You may reach The Flour Factory at 16 Queen Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000, by dialling +61 08 9485 1711 and visiting their website, which can be found at Where have you been if you're regarded as the gin enthusiast in your group of friends but haven't yet visited The Flour Factory?
    25. Two pages of the drink menu at Perth's best bar, The Flour Factory, are dedicated to gin.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bars In Perth For Having A Good Time

    Despite being a relatively small city, Perth offers a decent nightlife inspired by British and American cities. The city offers everything from beach parties and clubs to large nightclubs offering all kinds of international music, as well as traditional Australian pubs and bars.

    The best bars have spirits menus with tasting notes with recommendations for aperitifs and after dinner drinks. Every 'cocktail bar' that describes itself as such should offer great tasting, well-balanced cocktails made using freshly pressed juices.

    1. Watch a show at His Majesty's Theatre.
    2. Attend a cultural event during the Perth Festival.
    3. Watch a movie under the stars at the Rooftop Cinemas.
    4. Tee off with a round of Putt Putt at Holey Moley Northbridge.
    5. Stargazing at the Perth Observatory.

    How long do I need to visit Perth? To truly experience Perth, Western Australia, allow yourself at least three days. We've handpicked some of the best day trips, restaurants, beaches and activities Perth has on offer to immerse yourself in this vibrant city.

    Here is a quick-guide on the basic costs of living in Perth. As a general rule a single person (excluding accommodation) can expect to find the average cost of living in Perth to be $1,559.30 per mont. A family of four can expect to pay $5,528.10 per month.

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