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15 Great Reasons To Move To Perth

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    Western Australia's capital, Perth, is a thriving metropolis full of helpful locals and exciting new possibilities. Perth, Western Australia, enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Australian state, at least six months out of the year. It also never gets too hot or humid! If you go during the winter, you might even see some snow.

    There is no reason not to pack your bags and head West; there is so much to see and do. Its metropolitan area, Perth, sprawls across the hinterland between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp. Originally, people lived near the mouth of the Swan River, which is well-known for its large population of black swans. This bird serves as the official state bird emblem.

    Despite its relative isolation, the city of Perth, Western Australia, is home to a wonderful climate, 19 stunning beaches, numerous stunning nature and parks reserves (the crown jewel of which is undoubtedly Kings Park), numerous wineries, and more.

    This makes it perfect for those who prefer to spend their time outside. Perth offers a plethora of such experiences. You can go south to north and west and east without ever having to enter the central business district and its gridlocked streets, thanks to the city's well-developed system of ring highways.

    Commuters who don't want to drive can take advantage of the extensive bus network that supports the modern suburban railway running south to north and east and west. While Perth does sprawl, even the farthest suburbs are still within a reasonable driving time of the city center. This has allowed many Perth locals to live in more rural or semi-urban areas while still having quick and easy access to the city for work and shopping.

    In addition, the beach or the hills are never more than a 1.5-hour drive from anywhere in Perth. This certainly elevates the prestige of calling Perth home. In our opinion, Perth is the best place in Australia to call home. It has a lot going for it, including the fact that it is consistently pleasant weather throughout the year. Everyone is laid back, and the beaches are stunning. Of course, there's also plenty of work to be had in Perth, so if you're itching for some excitement, you've come to the right place!

    These Are The World's Finest Beaches

    We can only assume that the high quality of the beaches in the coastal suburbs of Perth was a major factor in the decision of many British migrants to settle there. As it turns out, there's a good explanation for this.

    Perth, Western Australia, is known for its beautiful beaches. They are neat, roomy, and frequently unoccupied. In contrast to the heavier yellow gold sand of east coast beaches, this sand is light, fine, and fluffy. Perth's sparkling aquamarine and deep blue water reflects the city's clear blue skies, making for a breathtaking sight that never gets old.

    Scarborough Beach

    Scarborough Beach is a famous ocean oasis surrounded by a high-rise cityscape and is widely regarded as one of Western Australia's most picturesque beaches. If you're looking for a place to go swimming in peace and quiet, look no further than this popular destination, which features a wide variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and surf shops right on the beach. All the way to the horizon, the sea around Scarborough is a brilliant blue, the sand is white, and the sun sparkles in the water.

    City Beach

    City Beach, which is also surrounded by urban areas, is a popular destination. Located dead in the middle of Perth's northern suburbs, this beach attracts a diverse crowd of happy visitors, including surfers, walkers, families, and everyone in between. With so much shaded grass, it's no wonder that this location is so frequently used for picnics at sundown. A pleasant boardwalk, a huge, brand-new surf lifesaving club, and numerous eateries are also in the area.

    perth port beach

    Port Beach

    Not as photogenic as other beaches in Perth, Port Beach still has its advantages. To begin with, it is one of the few city beaches that offers protection from the dreaded south-westerly winds due to its sheltered location. If the swell is high enough, which it usually is, it's also a fantastic place to catch a few waves and ride them.

    You can go swimming with a view of Rottnest Island and then spend the rest of the day exploring Fremantle, which is nearby. A well-liked cafe sits right next to the fenced-in playground.

    Coogee Beach

    Coogee Beach, located in Cockburn, is well worth the extra effort it takes to get there. This 3.7-kilometer-long hidden gem, located near the haunting ruins of the old power plant, is definitely worth including in your beach-hopping itinerary. Along with the vast grassy area, there is a jetty for fishing and jumping.

    Cottesloe Beach

    One of Perth's most well-known beaches, Cottesloe is a little popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Like Bondi in Sydney, this beach is a must-visit in Western Australia. Cott, as the locals call it, is on par with Scarborough in terms of popularity as one of the city's most well-known beaches. All around it are breathtaking beaches and landscapes that are packed with fun activities for people of all ages. The scenery alone justifies the trip, even if you're not usually a beach person. There are many excellent restaurants in the neighborhood; however, no trip here would be complete without stopping for a drink at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel and people watching (ideally at sunset).

    The Weather In Perth Is Perfect.

    The Sunshine State is a possible nickname for Queensland (those pesky Australians and their penchant for nicknaming everything). However, despite appearances, Australia's sunniest capital is located on the other side of the country.

    Truth be told, Perth has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital. That's got to be a big incentive for British people who long for year-round warmth and sunshine to make the move to Perth or Western Australia. The coast of Western Australia is Mediterranean rather than tropical, with wet winters and dry summers, making it much less humid than the likes of Brisbane and Queensland.

    For those who yearn for the dry warmth of the Mediterranean, a permanent move to Perth or the southern half of Western Australia provides just that. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to move to a country where you'll be comfortable because you'll know the language and have experience with its culture.

    Insuring Your Children A Prosperous Future In School

    The educational system in WA is on par with the rest of the East Coast. The suburbs are sprinkled with brand new, state-of-the-art public schools, and there are number of prestigious private institutions available. Learn more about the admissions process for Perth and Western Australia schools by consulting the Australian school system guide.

    Educators in Washington are also committed to improving the state's educational infrastructure. For instance, Yule Brook College in Maddington, Perth, was the first school in Australia to fully adopt Big Picture Education Australia, a revolutionary new approach to education.

    In 2007, to be precise. Several Western Australian (WA) public schools were among the 44 across Australia that had adopted or offered BPEA by year's end. The Big Picture approach, which is backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and former US President Barack Obama, is very similar to BPEA. As a result of the city's commitment to creative problem solving, parents of school-aged children who may not be a good fit for the current education system can rest assured that they will be able to find a suitable school for their child in Perth.

    Inexpensive And High-Quality Housing

    The lower cost of living in Perth is a major draw for newcomers, but that's not all that's cheap these days. The housing and property market in the state has decreased dramatically since the last mining boom sent prices through the roof, resulting in it being the most costly capital city in Australia to purchase a home in.

    A look at the numbers as of late suggests the inverse is true. Property prices in Perth have dropped by more than 20% since their 2014 highs, making Perth the affordable capital city in Australia in which to buy a home. In fact, over the past five years, the typical home in Perth has seen a loss in value of around AU$150,000.

    The median house price in Perth, Australia, fell to AU$447,558 in the three months ending in August 2019—a decrease of 8.8 percent from the corresponding period in 2018. Prices in regional WA have fallen by 11.6% over the past year, making it one of the worst-hit areas in the state. While this is bad news for locals looking to unload property in Perth and WA, it's great for people looking to relocate there. You should be able to make a nice profit on the sale of your UK home, which will allow you to purchase a beautiful home in the Perth neighbourhood of your choice.

    Available Newer Houses

    Buying a home in Perth also has the unexpected benefit of being relatively newer than East Coast alternatives. In addition to being cheaper than in other Australian cities, the fact that they are newer means that they are also more modern, which may be the deciding factor for you to relocate to Perth. A newer home, with more location options now that the housing market is in a slump and at a reasonable cost.

    Low Crime Rate

    Although Sydney and Melbourne rank higher in terms of safety, Perth is still considered a reasonably safe place to work, live and raise a family. You could do a lot worse than visiting Oz. The crime rate in Perth has been fairly consistent, and the United States Department of State considers it a low threat location. However, as is the case with the vast majority of statistical data, some locations are more prone to criminal activity than others.

    perth beautiful daylight

    Enjoy The Gorgeous Daylight For Its Many Hours

    Tired of the seemingly endless night when you leave for work and return home? Have you lost sight of what your home looks like when the sun is shining? A large majority of Perth employees (at least those who adhere to the standard 9-to-5) get to take advantage of daylight hours while commuting even in the dead of winter.

    It's only around the winter solstice, when the days are at their shortest, that you may need to turn on the headlights as you pull into the garage or drive the final few blocks to your house. In the southern hemisphere's midwinter months of May to August, the sun rises around 7:15 a.m. and sets around 5:20 p.m.

    December is the middle of summer down under, so the days start around 4.30 a.m. and end at 7.40 p.m. That's a lot of time to bask in the sun, and it's one of the reasons Perth is known for its relaxed attitude towards indoor activities.

    Relocating to Perth Offers Brisk Early Morning Walks In Balmy Conditions.

    The sun rises early in Perth, giving residents a chance to enjoy the cool morning air before the day's heat becomes unbearable. Sunrise bushwalks in the Perth hills, depending on where you choose to work and live, can provide breathtaking views of the city below.

    In contrast, nearer the coast you'll find a plethora of scenic boardwalks along Perth's famously pristine beaches. Be amazed by the stark contrast between the white sands, the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and the clear, clean morning sky. We started by saying that no part of Perth is more than an hour and a half's drive from either of these locations, and that's absolutely true.

    For those who prefer to get up before the sun, Perth's many suburban parks are a wonderful option. Kings Park offers stunning views of Perth's Central Business District and the glistening Swan River, and is easily accessible to city dwellers and workers.

    Kings Park is among the largest and loveliest urban parks in the world. It features cutting-edge architecture, art exhibits, and customer service, and is brimming with modern Aboriginal and European history and culture. Kings Park is well-known around the world as a center for cutting-edge botanical study, environmental protection, and educational outreach.

    The Western Australian Botanic Garden is located in beautiful Kings Park and features over 3,000 different types of plants that are native to Western Australia. About two-thirds of the park's 400 hectares are set aside as bushland, making it a safe haven for native biological diversity.

    Tourists can take in panoramic vistas of the Canning and Swan Rivers, the cityscape, and the eastern Darling Ranges. Kings Park features a number of children's discovery play areas, as well as walk trails through bushland. Cafés and public transportation are conveniently located near the Visitor Information Center and the free daily guided walks offered by Aspects of Kings Park.

    Quality Fresh Food

    Many former residents of Perth and other Australian major cities agree on one thing. In general, the fresh food served in restaurants in Perth is of higher quality. The best can be found in other cities, but it is usually quite expensive and limited to a handful of fine dining establishments. In Perth, there are many more restaurants of the same calibre where you won't have to break the bank.

    This is in part due to Perth's location, as it's bordered on three sides by agricultural land and on the fourth by the ocean (seafood). Produce from these regions is easily accessible by car, as they are close to the city. In any case, that's a major factor to think about if you have a young family.

    A Thriving Hub For Innovation, Technology And Related Startups

    The city of Perth, Western Australia, is a bustling centre of innovation and technology that has spawned a wide variety of successful IT companies. The mining industry and those affiliated with it are major consumers and creators of new technology, responsible for much of the recent expansion.

    Major mining corporations contribute significantly to and collaborate on the development of promising new technologies. Many are based in WA and are enthusiastic backers of WA talent and tech.

    There has been a increase in the number of startups, networking events, and shared office spaces in Perth's tech and innovation sectors in recent years. Perth also hosts a number of tech festivals and government-funded arts programmes. It's estimated that over the past 9 years, over four hundred internet and digital businesses have been founded.

    perth northbridge

    Australian Fine Eating in Northbridge

    Perth is a paradise for foodies, with some of Australia's finest restaurants. Northbridge is a popular entertainment and dining district just north of Perth's central business district (CBD). Notably, the area is teeming with ethnic food establishments, many of which serve world-class cuisine and are very popular among Perth's own migrant communities. That's a sure sign of genuine quality wherever you go.

    You can find a restaurant in Northbridge that serves your prefered cuisine. Because of its location and close proximity to public transportation, Northbridge is within easy reach for partygoers from all over Perth. But you'll also find that all over Perth, new and exciting restaurants are opening their doors to foodies. Almost every suburb in Perth now has at least one shopping mall, so it's possible that your favorite is right around the corner.

    Ethnic Food to Good Wine

    Margaret River, just a few hours' drive south of Perth, is Western Australia's most famous wine region, thanks to its world-class vineyards and vintages. Perth, on the other hand, has wineries and vineyards right within its borders, but this fact may not be as well known. Many of these original vineyards are still operational today, some even with wine tasting rooms and bottles of wine made right there on the property.

    If you're craving a glass of white (or red) wine but don't feel like making the trip to Margaret River, Swan Valley is a great alternative. As you make your way along scenic West Swan Road, you'll come across a plethora of eateries, coffee shops, craft breweries, speciality stores, and gift shops selling everything from local specialities to tourist trinkets.

    Margaret River Chocolate Factory: Memorable

    Everyone who loves chocolate (and who doesn't!) should make it a point to visit this location at least once in their lives. The chocolate is delicious, the gardens are lovely, and it's close to other eateries on West Swan Road for your convenience. The Margaret River Chocolate Company, located on Murray Street in the centre of Perth's CBD, brings a taste of Margaret River to the city by offering customers a wide selection of gourmet foods, home goods, and gifts from the sister company, Margaret River Providore, in addition to their hundreds of delicious, award-winning chocolate products.

    At the 2021 Perth Royal Chocolate Awards, the Margaret River Chocolate Company dominated, bringing home two Champion Chocolate Trophies in addition to seven gold and ten silver medals. The store is open every day of the week and offers free samples of chocolate as well as a wide variety of chocolate-themed gift baskets.

    perth dôme cafés

    Baristas and Great Coffee Shops

    The people of Melbourne are proud to boast that they are coffee experts. However, the coffee enthusiasts among you will also find a lot to adore in Perth. Perth is still the home base for one of Australia's most popular coffee shops. More than 130 of the renowned Dôme cafés can now be found in five different countries, including Australia. Dôme coffee is in the top tier of coffee shops, and you won't have to look hard to find one in Perth. One can be found in the airport terminal of Perth, Australia. A second can be found in the Perth international terminal.

    Don't freak out if you end up unable to find your neighborhood Dôme. There are a plethora of other great cafes and shops in Perth, such as Gloria Jean's and independently owned cafes. The proprietors take enormous satisfaction from serving what they believe to be the finest coffee available. One coffee shop chain you won't find in Perth is Starbucks, and for good reason. Upon its introduction to Australia, the sweeter (and more expensive) Starbucks style of coffee was not well received by coffee lovers in Perth, as it had been elsewhere in the country.

    Italian and Greek immigrants brought with them the knowledge of how to brew the perfect espresso, and Australians have been coffee connoisseurs ever since. Therefore, espresso is the foundation of the flat white, Australia's prefered coffee drink. Therefore, coffee chains and shops established by descendants of Australian coffee making pioneers (like Dôme) were able to maintain their foothold despite the 'foreign intruder.

    Cake and Pastries To Die For

    Maud Edmiston, an enterprising emigrant from Sweden, opened a bakery and café in 1971 because she craved the delicious pastries and coffeehouses of her homeland. From its humble beginnings in a Perth shopping arcade, the original Miss Maud Swedish Pastry House has grown into a national chain of 18 bakeries and a full-service catering operation.

    If you have a sweet tooth, you must try the Miss Maud pastries, cakes, and other delicious goodies that can now be found on catering tables all over Perth. Around Perth, you can find a plethora of additional establishments of a similar high quality. You will have an abundance of options when it comes to sweet treats like cakes and pastries.

    Go Abroad Without Leaving Perth.

    Among Perth's many parks, the world-famous Botanic Gardens on Mt. Eliza and Kings Park, not far from the city centre, were already mentioned. The A-Class nature reserve is only a 30-minute boat ride from the coast, but most Australian capital cities brag that they have similar parks that they don't. Many Perth families spend their summers on Rottnest Island, affectionately known as Rotto by locals. It's like taking an exotic vacation without leaving the country (or even the city).

    Rottnest Island is only 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) from Perth, but its peaceful atmosphere will make you feel like you've travelled a long way. Simply take a quick ferry ride from the mainland to Rotto, as the locals call it, and then rent a bike once you get there so you can get around the island's car-free streets. There is a wide variety of plant and animal life in this conservation area, from spectacular marine life to the quokka, an adorable marsupial native to Australia. Here you can experience the happiest animal on Earth, swim and snorkel in pristine waters, and learn about the region's rich cultural history.

    Rotto is more than just a great place to take a vacation, despite the fact that it has stunning shores, excellent diving spots, and a chill vibe. The largest population of the globally endangered quokka can be found here, along with other species native to Australia and Western Australia. The island's only native mammal is a quoll, but lizards, snakes, and birds are also common sights.


    If you're looking for a dynamic metropolis with friendly residents and many opportunities, go no further than Perth, Western Australia. It has a pleasant year-round temperature, is home to 19 beautiful beaches and a wide variety of parks and nature preserves, and is surrounded by various vineyards. Commuters can take advantage of the substantial bus network and the cutting-edge suburban railway to travel to the city from more remote or suburban locations. Beautiful beaches and a robust job market await. The beaches of Perth, Western Australia are recognised for being soft, fine, and fluffy.

    Scarborough Beach is one of Western Australia's most well-known and beloved beaches, and its idyllic setting besides the water is renowned the world over. City Beach is a popular spot for surfers, pedestrians, families, and everyone else despite its urban setting. The area has a boardwalk, a massive, brand-new surf lifesaving club, and a wide variety of dining options.

    Due to its sheltered location, Port Beach is one of the few city beaches in Perth that is protected from the south-westerly winds. Cockburn, Western Australia, is home to the popular tourist destination of Coogee Beach. The sands of Cottesloe Beach attract both tourists and locals. Perth has more sunshine days per year than any other Australian capital. Although its name suggests otherwise, Australia's capital city of Canberra is actually located on the opposite side of the country from the rest of the country.

    Content Summary

    1. The state capital of Western Australia, Perth, is a dynamic, multicultural city full of friendly people and promising new opportunities.
    2. The city of Perth, Western Australia, basks in more sunlight than any other Australian state for at least six months of the year.
    3. Perth, the capital, is located between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp, and its metropolitan region sprawls across the hinterland.
    4. A magnificent climate, 19 beautiful beaches, various beautiful wildlife and parks reserves (the crown jewel of which is certainly Kings Park), numerous vineyards, and more can all be found in the city of Perth, Western Australia, despite its relative remoteness.
    5. The city has a well-developed system of ring highways, so you can drive all the way from south to north or west to east without ever having to enter the core business centre and its congested streets.
    6. This has made it possible for many Perth residents to live in rural or semi-urban locations while yet having relatively reasonable commute times into the city centre.
    7. It has a lot going for it, not the least of which being year-round mild temperatures.
    8. The people are easygoing, and the beaches are beautiful.
    9. Our best guess is that the excellent standard of Perth's beachside neighbourhoods played a significant role in attracting people from the United Kingdom to make their new home there.
    10. The beaches of Perth, Western Australia, are among the best in the world.
    11. In the Sands of Scarborough Scarborough Beach is one of Western Australia's most well-known and beloved beaches, and its idyllic setting besides the water is renowned the world over.
    12. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, sleep, and hang out right on the beach, making this a popular spot for those seeking a serene location to swim.
    13. Coastal City City Beach is a renowned tourist spot because of its proximity to numerous cities.
    14. This beach in the heart of Perth's northern suburbs is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike, from surfers and walkers to families.
    15. There is a large, brand-new surf lifesaving club, a nice promenade, and a lot of restaurants in the neighbourhood.
    16. The Beach at Port Port Beach may not be as picturesque as some of Perth's other beaches, but it still has its benefits.
    17. Beach at Coogee Cockburn's Coogee Beach, albeit little more difficult to get, is well worth the trouble.
    18. As seen from Cottesloe Beach Cottesloe is one of Perth's most popular beaches, drawing in both tourists and locals.
    19. Queensland has been dubbed "the Sunshine State" (those pesky Australians and their penchant for nicknaming everything).
    20. The capital city with the most sunshine in all of Australia is actually on the opposite side of the continent.
    21. When compared to other Australian major cities, Perth actually enjoys more days of sunshine annually.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Reasons To Move To Perth

    1. Manageable size. With a population of just over two million, Perth is not an immense metropolis.
    2. Distant city.
    3. Quieter weekday vibe.
    4. Save beforehand.
    5. Integrated public transport.
    6. Explore Western Australia.
    7. Warmer weather.
    8. Head outside.

    Some of the key landmarks in Perth include Kings Park, Rottnest Island and Cottesloe Beach. Other popular attractions include the Perth Zoo, the Bell Tower and Scitech Discovery Centre. Aside from its natural beauty and cultural richness, Perth is also a place where many interesting people have lived and worked.

    The city boasts a steadily growing job market in addition to major plus points such as high-quality education facilities, low crime rates, low pollution levels, an abundance of urban green spaces, well-functioning public transport, and a thriving property market.

    Perth has the strongest economy, the lowest unemployment, major industries and exports, complemented by political stability, excellent healthcare, infrastructure, education and, of course, a temperate climate.

    Printmaking, fabric art, paintings, weavings, sculpture, and rock engravings are all great Perth souvenirs that represent the very valued, and extensive Aboriginal history in Australia.

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