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The 5 Best Suburbs To Live In Perth

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    So, you're considering a move to Perth, and you're wondering which neighbourhoods are the best? We've got some suggestions for you, though. Perth, Western Australia, is a lovely metropolis with numerous suburbs. We recommend Fremantle and Cottesloe as two of the best. Fantastic institutions of learning, retail establishments, and dining options can be found in these areas. Water sports like surfing and snorkelling are also popular in Perth due to its proximity to the ocean.

    Those seeking the laid-back beach lifestyle without breaking the bank flock to this west coast gem. It makes up for its smaller size and less convenient location with its high quality of life, warm welcome, and unrivalled price. For starters, it has more annual sunshine than any other capital, so its citizens can enjoy some of the world's most stunning beaches.

    Though it has its fair share of both, Perth is known for more than just its beaches. Fremantle, also known as "Freo," is a historic port neighborhood, and the trendy Subiaco and riverside beauty of King's Park are two of the city's other hallmarks.

    The Western Australian city of Perth offers a wide variety of suburban settings. You can find a quiet neighborhood perfect for you and your family or a bustling one perfect for the whole neighborhood! Here are a few of Perth's most desirable neighborhoods, chosen for their attractive combination of low housing costs and high potential for future growth. Other than its low pollution and abundant green spaces, thriving job market, and almost nonexistent crime rate, Perth is a very attractive city.

    perth fremantle suburb


    Fremantle, a neighbourhood on Perth's waterfront, oozes character. Its winding, colonial-era streets are home to creative types who enjoy things like busking, street art, and eating outside. Locals refer to this waterfront neighbourhood simply as "Freo," but it's one of Perth's most desirable neighbourhoods for good reason.

    Located at the Swan River's mouth, this region has a fascinating maritime history that attracts both tourists and permanent residents. Warehouse conversions are a good investment here because of the area's interesting mix of old and new buildings.

    Fremantle was once its own town, but it has since been absorbed by the growing suburbs of Perth. Nevertheless, much of the town's heritage remains. Explore the city by visiting its infamous prison, drinking beer at its world-renowned brewery, and posing for a picture with a local rock 'n' roll hero.

    Despite the city's relatively high median home and condo prices ($868,000 and $540,000 respectively), Fremantle is a good place to plant permanent roots for those who can afford it due to the city's consistently rising demand.

    South of Perth, Fremantle is easily accessible via a 25-minute train ride from Perth's central station or a 35-minute drive along Stirling Highway. Art and photography mingle with tie-dye T-shirts, tassel hammocks, and a buskers corner at Fremantle's vibrant weekend markets.

    You can get gozlemes, grilled corn, and even paella made to order at the bustling food court in the back. The markets are open all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and they feature stalls selling fresh, inexpensive produce. The entrance on South Terrace is a hotspot for street performers.

    Explore Fremantle's colonial past by visiting the World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison, where you can listen to exciting tales of daring Irish escapees and cheeky bushrangers—and if you want to up the stakes, you can do so by visiting the prison after dark. The Torchlight Tour lasts for 90 minutes, and spots are limited.

    The 2.5-hour Tunnels Tour takes visitors 20 metres (65 feet) below the prison and includes the use of boots, hard hats, headlamps and overalls. As an alternative, you can go on a walking tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, which will take you around the town's historic sites while telling you interesting stories and local lore. The tour fee incorporates lunch.

    Some of Fremantle's restaurants have quirky touches like the planter boxes and bike racks outside Moore & Moore. You'll have to make your way through piles of salvaged furnishings and a chaotic kitchen before you can reach the back garden, which is stocked with tables.

    It's like eating lunch on the beach at Bathers Beach House, with its stunning ocean views. Bread in Common, located nearby, is a great place to grab a bite to eat thanks to its bare globes, communal wooden tables, and bare brickwork. Everything at Manuka Woodfire Kitchen is prepared in a wood oven, making it yet another hidden gem.

    You'll find it tucked away close to the food vendors. Sadly, we must pay our respects to the loss of Bon Scott, the hard-partying lead singer of AC/DC and a native of Freo, Australia, who unfortunately died at a young age (1946–80). In the pedestrian-friendly Fishing Boat Harbour, he is immortalized in bronze, holding a microphone while perched atop a Marshall amplifier.

    When he was ten years old, the Scottish-born frontman moved to Fremantle with his family. His ashes are now interred in the city's cemetery, another place where die-hard fans like to pay their respects. The Western Australian Maritime Museum, located on the waterfront of Fremantle Harbour, is home to the Australia II, the yacht that won the America's Cup in 1983. The boat is part of a larger whole, though.

    As a result of the yacht's victory, both Perth and Fremantle were catapulted onto the global stage and entered an era of unparalleled wealth and decadence. You can also take a guided tour of the HMAS Ovens, a Cold War era submarine that is 89 metres (292 feet) long, and see pearl luggers and leisure yachts. Reservations are recommended and tours depart every half hour between 10 AM and 3:30 PM.

    The Little Creatures microbrewery has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is now a recognised name in beer all over the world. Visit its origin and learn how the magic was created. Staff members are an integral part of the entertainment, so don't be surprised to see a handlebar moustache or a rainbow of hair colours and body art. The staff is extremely welcoming, and they are more than happy to give you a guided tour and tasting of their craft beers in their spacious, modern warehouse. Tours run daily, departing at 12 pm and 2 pm.

    perth rockingham suburb


    Only 45 minutes away to the south of Perth, this area boasts some of the city's most breathtaking scenery. It's ideal for those who love spending time in nature, thanks to its sandy beaches and ecological parks.

    Large plots of land here are still reasonably priced when compared to the surrounding areas, despite the area's natural charm. And it's a sector that's expected to expand rapidly over the coming year.

    Rockingham, located on the southeastern outskirts of the Greater Perth metropolitan area, is a beautiful seaside resort town ideal for vacations and weekend getaways. It's been on the rise as a vacation spot recently. Its environmental parks and lakes, as well as its beautiful, safe beaches, wide variety of water sports, excellent nature cruises to the islands, and other attractions.

    The city's rapid expansion has brought it to the edge of Cockburn Sound, a calm body of water. Marine life and birdlife in Western Australia do not get any better than what you'll see at the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

    The 427-ton Rockingham, which brought some of the first settlers to Cockburn Sound, was wrecked upon its arrival in rough seas on the afternoon of 15 of June 1831, hence the town's name. Rockingham Town was the name given to the original settlement.

    Little penguins (formerly known as Fairy Penguins) are fed daily at 10am, 12nn, and 2pm at the Discovery Centre near the jetty on Penguin Island, the area's most popular tourist attraction. From the mainland, you can reach the island by ferry in just five minutes (the jetty is at Penguin Road and Arcadia Drive). Four distinct cruise itineraries can be chosen from:

    1. between 8am and 2pm, there is a ferry to Penguin Island every hour. 
    2. Cruise with Penguins and Sea Lions, a 45-Minute Adventure
    3. A Full Day of Sea Kayaking
    4. Tours with dolphins, penguins, and sea lions in a 90-minute cruise.

    The small, circular island (length about 2 km, width about 200 m) is a wonderful place to go swimming, picnicking, surfing, snorkeling, and bird watching. The Western Australian government established the Old Rockingham Heritage Trail in the Rockingham-Kwinana region in celebration of the country's bicentennial in 1988. The trail features 23 locations of historical significance.

    The information is still visible on a faded plaque located next to the town's primary beach. There is a map and important historical landmarks are highlighted (where once there were communities but which are now merely the sites of landmarks), but on a 40-kilometer drive around the area, you can see Day Cottage (1886), a former wayside inn; the turtle factory site at Point Peron; Bell Cottage (1881s); Chesterfield Inn (1912); Palm Beach jetty and the Z Force Memorial.

    There are a number of historical sites in Kwinana that are worth visiting as well, such as the sunken bulk grain terminal and the site where the Kwinana once stood. The Rockingham Museum also has a map that can be borrowed.

    In 1871, the Rockingham Jarrah Company was granted a lease of 250,000 acres of prime jarrah forest in the Darling Range, and the sign at the beach explains that it "retraces the route of the 1874 timber railway." The sign also includes an excellent map.

    In order to facilitate the export of timber, the company established a sawmill the following year at a location later dubbed Jarrahdale, a jetty at the port of Rockingham, and a railway line to transport the wood from the mill to the port.

    This railway was one of the first in Western Australia, and its construction was crucial to the growth of the region and the state's early timber export industry; its path is commemorated by the Rockingham-Jarrahdale Heritage Trail.

    The trail is a scenic 36-kilometer drive that can be completed in one hour if you take your time. It starts at the original jetties in Rockingham and travels through the coastal plain, where the first farming in the district took place, before crossing the flats to Mundijong and finally climbing the escarpment to reach picturesque Jarrahdale.

    The Rockingham Museum, formerly located in the Art Deco Rockingham Road Building at the intersection of Kent Street and Flinders Lane, has relocated its excellent exhibition about the Z Force to the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. Currently on display are artefacts from both World Wars, as well as the Group Settlement farms, historical photography equipment, and clothing from the eras.


    Located 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) south of Perth's CBD, the City of Melville is a local government area in the southern suburbs of Western Australia's capital city, Perth. It is located east of the port city of Fremantle. Even though it's only 11 kilometres south of the central business district, this suburban area has a good sense of isolation. It's convenient for locals to walk to a wide variety of retail establishments, cafes, and dining options.

    This family-friendly suburb has seen increased demand due to the concentration of highly regarded educational institutions. Property listings in this area typically go off the market in late 2020 after only 7 days on the market.

    There are 463 kilometres of paved roads in Melville, and 2.10 kilometres of landscaped parks and gardens that are cared for by the city. While there are many privately operated facilities in Melville, the city itself manages and maintains four major and three minor community facilities for public use. There are seven senior care centres, four day cares and recreation centres, and fifteen apartment complexes. There are two colleges and universities in the area, in addition to the 21 elementary schools, 24 middle schools, and nine high schools.

    Health care and social assistance are the city's most valuable and fastest-growing sector. However, rental, hiring, and real estate services produce the most overall. Garden City Shopping Centre in Booragoon serves as the commercial and retail nerve centre for the City of Melville, which also features six district commercial centres and 31 neighbourhood and local shopping centres.

    The City's largest manufacturing district, Myaree Mixed Business precinct, is located here. It serves as a hub for a wide range of commercial, retail, and industrial activities; for more extensive manufacturing or more traditional industrial uses, a second industrial district can be found in nearby O'Connor.

    More than two hundred parks and reserves cover 778 hectares of public open space, 295 hectares of bushland, and the Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre is located in the City. There are 26 playing fields, 2 golf courses, 3 recreation centres, 2 public swimming pools, 4 museums, and 6 libraries in the area (including Murdoch University Library).

    The City enforces parking regulations near schools to guarantee the safety of students and the smooth flow of traffic. The City of Melville has implemented parking restrictions near certain schools to ensure the well-being of students who ride bikes or walk there.

    Melville places a premium on preventing reckless parking near schools because of the potential danger it poses to students. Pick up and drop off your kids at designated "Kiss and Drive" areas whenever possible. These areas border the primary school's main entrance. Say your goodbyes, let your kid out, and get in the car as soon as it's safe to do so.

    In a "Kiss and Drive" zone, you should never leave your vehicle unattended. Instead, you should find out if a Kiss and Drive programme is available by contacting a school in your area. Melville's TravelSmart programme encourages residents to make well-informed decisions about transportation options other than driving alone.

    Travel is a part of almost everyone's daily life, whether it's for work, school, errands, retail therapy, or recreational pursuits. As such, we can all do our part to lessen the effects of climate change and boost personal and communal well-being by making smarter travel choices. Click on the links below to learn more about the various transportation-related initiatives undertaken by the City of Melville.

    Western Australian Department of Transport maps show various routes via various transport methods to nearby facilities like supermarkets, post boxes, dog exercise areas, skate parks, public toilets, playgrounds helping you to travel smart and maintain an active lifestyle.

    perth cottesloe suburb


    This affluent neighborhood is a favorite among Perth residents, especially young professionals, because it is located near one of the city's best beaches. There is a wide range of architectural styles represented here, from historic to ultra-modern, but they all share the same desirable beachfront location. As might be expected, real estate prices in this picture-perfect location have been on the rise and show no signs of stopping. As a tribute to Swanbourne House, the nearby community was given the name Swanbourne, the Buckinghamshire home of the Fremantle family.

    John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia, lived in Cottesloe. A home he constructed in Jarrad Street is still there. As of right now, it belongs to both Curtin University and the National Trust of Australia (Western Australia). Cottesloe, in Perth, Western Australia, is a beachside suburb. It sits about equidistant from the heart of Perth and the port city of Fremantle. It's well-known for its laid-back attitude, beach culture, and cafe culture.

    Cottesloe is bounded to the west by the Indian Ocean; to the south by a line running from Boundary Road in Mosman Park to the ocean; to the east by the Perth-Fremantle Railway; to the north by Stirling Highway; to the south by Congdon Street; and to the west by the West Coast Highway and North Street.

    The area around the Cottesloe train station is primarily residential, but there is a sizable shopping district between Jarrad and Station streets. In terms of Perth's history, Cottesloe Beach and the surrounding landscape are a good barometer of the city's evolution over the past century and a half.

    Photographs and paintings of Cottesloe Beach found in museums and books provide concrete evidence of the beach culture's significance in Perth. There are often beach cricket matches played on Cottesloe Beach. A pedestrian and bicycle path along the coast makes it possible to get from one end of the beach to the other. Cottesloe Beach was ranked #2 by Lonely Planet as the best family beach in the world in 2009.

    Cottesloe recently got a new town planning scheme, which allows for taller buildings up to five stories along Marine Terrace and eight stories on the former Ocean Beach Hotel site. After twenty years of discussion, the decision was made.

    Cottesloe locals and skateboarders were in an intense debate about a proposed skatepark for the year 2020. Swanbourne, Grant Street, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, and Victoria Street are the Fremantle line stops that provide service to Cottesloe.

    Cottesloe is connected to the rest of Perth and Fremantle via a number of bus routes that run along Stirling Highway and through the western and eastern parts of the suburb. The PTA runs the show, so to speak. Swan Transit, which runs the 102, serves the Cottesloe area.

    perth forrestfield suburb


    Suburban Forrestfield, Western AustraliaKalamunda is the name of the city. Just south of Perth Airport and the Darling Scarp, this neighbourhood is 15 kilometres south-east of the city centre. The suburb is divided into two distinct parts by Roe Highway: the southern residential section and the northern industrial section. Neighboring communities include Wattle Grove, Cloverdale, and Kalamunda.

    Forrestfield is an unmissable investment opportunity due to its reasonable prices and promising future growth. Sitting 15 kilometres south-east of Perth's central business district, this is a relatively tranquil suburban neighbourhood. Large residential estates sit alongside a golf course and a recreation centre, so there's still plenty to do. The suburb will be more convenient to get to from both the city and the airport thanks to a future train station.

    Investors and first-time homebuyers alike will find its median price of $380,000 and rental yield of 4.99% to be very attractive. This region was first inhabited in the late 1800s. A small population existed until the early 1900s, when it began to grow thanks to a period of relative peace. After the war, rapid expansion occurred in the ensuing decades. The population has been relatively stable since the early 1990s due to some new dwellings being added to the area but a decline in the average number of persons living in each place.

    The first Premier of Western Australia, John Forrest, or Alexander, have been proposed as possible namesakes. Local legend, however, has it that Charles Hale, who arrived in the area in 1902 and farmed in the midst of the native forest bushland, is responsible for giving the area its name. The Forrestfield Progress Association was established in 1921, and by 1944, the name had made its way onto blueprints.

    The Forrestfield Forum & Marketplace is a shopping centre at the corner of Hale Road and Strelitzia Avenue. It is home to 52 different stores, including a Woolworths and a Coles. It is owned by the Hawaiian Group. Cumberland Road has a Foodworks supermarket, a newsagency, a hairdresser, some dining and fast-food venues. Forrestfield also has a number of other types of shops, including bars, liquor stores, a nursery, and a few different types of delicatessens.


    Beautiful Fremantle and Cottesloe are just two of Perth, Western Australia's many suburbs. Known for its beaches and abundance of water sports, it boasts the highest average annual sunshine of any capital city. The historic port district of Fremantle is just one of the city's many notable areas; others include the hipster haven of Subiaco and the scenic riverside park of King's Park. Western Australia's largest city has a wide range of suburban options, all of which feature affordable housing and promising economic growth.

    Fremantle, a waterfront neighbourhood in Perth, is popular with artists and people who like to dine and socialise in the open air. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the area around the mouth of the Swan River because of its rich maritime heritage. The area's interesting mix of old and new buildings makes warehouse conversions a good investment. From Perth's central station, you can reach Fremantle in 25 minutes via train or in 35 minutes via car via the Stirling Highway. You can learn about the city's colonial history by touring the Fremantle Prison (now on the list of World Heritage sites), sampling brews from the city's acclaimed brewery, and even getting your picture taken with a famous local musician. Affording a home or condo in Fremantle can be difficult, but the city's rising demand makes it a good place to put down roots for those who are able to do so.

    Content Summary

    1. Western Australia's capital, Perth, is a beautiful city with many surrounding suburbs.
    2. Great places of education, shopping, and dining can all be found in these regions.
    3. Due to its location near the ocean, Perth is also a popular destination for water sports like surfing and snorkelling.
    4. People from all over the world flock to this west coast gem in search of a low-cost beach lifestyle.
    5. The superior quality of life, warm welcome, and unbeatable price more than make up for its diminutive size and less than ideal location.
    6. To begin, it boasts more annual sunshine than any other capital, allowing its residents to take advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
    7. However, the city of Perth is known for much more than its beaches and sunshine.
    8. In addition to the historic port district of Fremantle, also known as "Freo," the city is known for the hipster haven of Subiaco and the scenic riverside park of King's Park.
    9. Perth, Western Australia, is home to many distinct suburban communities.
    10. There are both peaceful residential areas and more lively commercial districts to choose from.
    11. Perth is a beautiful city for many reasons, including its low pollution and abundance of green spaces, its robust job market, and its almost nonexistent crime rate.
    12. Fremantle is a waterfront district in Perth that is full of personality.
    13. Creative types who enjoy eating and drinking in public, strolling around, and looking at street art call its winding streets from the colonial era home.
    14. Freo, as the locals call this waterfront neighbourhood, is one of Perth's most desirable areas.
    15. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the area around the mouth of the Swan River because of its rich maritime heritage.
    16. The area's interesting mix of old and new buildings makes warehouse conversions a good investment.
    17. There was a time when Fremantle was its own town, but now it is just one of Perth's expanding suburbs.
    18. However, many of the town's historic structures are still standing.
    19. See the city's historic jail, quench your thirst at the world-famous brewery, and take a selfie with a local music legend as you tour its many attractions.
    20. Fremantle is an excellent place to put down permanent roots for those who can afford it, despite the city's relatively high median home and condo prices ($868,000 and $540,000 respectively).
    21. Fremantle, to the south of Perth, is easily reached by car in 35 minutes along the Stirling Highway or by train in 25 minutes from Perth's central station.
    22. Fremantle's weekend markets are a riot of colour and activity, with paintings, photographs, tassel hammocks, and even a buskers corner.
    23. The bustling food court in the back sells gozlemes, grilled corn, and even paella, all cooked to order.
    24. On the weekends, you can find these markets bustling with activity all day long, with vendors hawking everything from fresh to reasonably priced fruits and vegetables.
    25. A lot of buskers hang out by the entrance on South Terrace.
    26. Fremantle Prison, listed on the World Heritage List, is a great place to learn about the city's colonial history as you listen to tales of daring Irish escapees and cheeky bushrangers. Visiting the prison at night adds an extra layer of suspense.
    27. Only a select number of people can take part in the 90-minute Torchlight Tour.
    28. The 2.5-hour Tunnels Tour requires visitors to don protective gear like boots, hard hats, headlamps, and overalls as they descend 20 metres (65 feet) below ground to explore the prison's tunnel system.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Suburbs To Live In Perth

    Northbridge was also rated the top suburb for vibrancy, while at the other end of the spectrum, Southern River scored top marks for those looking for a quiet lifestyle.

    • Trigg. The coastal suburb of Trigg recorded the highest five year growth in Perth.
    • Cottesloe. If you bought an investment house in Cottesloe five years ago, its median price would've seen some growth.
    • Mount Pleasant.
    • West Leederville.
    • Shelley.

    Freemantle – Freemantle (or “Freo”) is almost as famous as Perth itself and is the city beach at the entrance to the mighty Swan River which winds its way throughout Perth. Swanbourne – As far west as you can get from Perth's city centre is the coastal suburb of Swanbourne.

    Cottesloe claimed top spot as Perth's healthiest suburb, according to the National Diabetes Services Scheme figures. Only 1.8 per cent of the 11,022 residents in the affluent beachside suburb were living with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes, far below the Australian average of 5.0 per cent.

    Safest suburbs in Perth. Lower Chittering: 0.9 incidents per 100 residents. Leeming: 0.9 incidents per 100 residents. Iluka: 0.9 incidents per 100 residents. Menora: 0.9 incidents per 100 residents.

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