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The Best Pizza Places In Perth

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    Who makes the greatest pizza in Perth, and where can we get some? Choosing a good pizza joint can be difficult, so we've done the legwork and compiled a list of our top picks. You can count on us whether you're craving authentic New York style pizza, thin and crispy New York style, or something a little more out of the ordinary.

    Perth is home to several excellent pizza joints, including Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's. All pizza lovers can find a pie they like at one of these three pizza businesses. Before, most Perth eateries served Neapolitan-style pizza, which is often wood-fired, has a crisp crust, and a soft centre. Newer generations, however, have begun experimenting.

    It's fascinating to see the results: nowadays, it's not hard to locate pizzas that can compete with the best Neapolitan renditions, even if they're baked in electric ovens or made with tomatoes other than the famed San Marzano kind.

    Each style of pizza you can imagine can be found in Perth. American? Yep. Traditional Roman? Yep. Vegan? And of course. As long as they're well-made, we're not picky. The best pizza in town can be found at these restaurants. Check out our blog post, in which we rank the best pizza joints in town from best to worst, to find a dozen more options that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

    Monsterella Pizza

    Overcomplicating things would be simple, but to put it plainly: Monsterella does a lot of things correctly. Monsterella is a family-owned and -operated neighbourhood bar and restaurant that will make you wish it were your local after just one visit.

    To improve the world, more suburban pizza restaurants like Monsterella are needed. The white walls of this space exude an air of easy elegance. The restaurant welcomes families with children by providing crayons, paper, and colouring pages on the pizza boxes and menus. To business partners Tania Nicolo and Ryan Bookless, it's all about making the neighbourhood a better place to hang out with minimal effort.

    Every night of the week, regulars and visitors fill the bar to capacity. The fact that Monsterella is always bustling is, by no means, a reflection either on the quality of the food or the friendly, family-style service offered by the staff. The Bufalina and Frankie combo is the go.

    A lot of the fundamentals of pizza cooking are nailed by Monsterella. Pizzas are made using dough made from a blend of flours that has been fermented for at least 48 hours so that the dough can develop flavour and texture; the ingredients bench keeps a variety of cheeses on hand; pizzas are minimally topped; and pizzas are baked in a hot, wood-fired oven.

    For those who prefer more traditional fillings, restaurants offer pies with lamb, smoked salmon, and even pineapple. Monsterella's pizzas are a departure from the conventional saucy Neapolitan form, which necessitates the use of utensils, as their crusts are thick enough to be eaten with fingers.

    Pappardelle carbonara with truffle oil, spaghetti with kale and spinach pesto, and spaghetti with meatballs in red sauce make the cut. Every day, Nicolo's mum makes fresh pasta from scratch. Nicolo's Abruzesse background is celebrated via the juiciness and smokey flavour of Arossticini (delicate lamb skewers). Seasonal delicacies like the Caprese salad, an exquisite stack of layers of luscious, juicy tomatoes and creamy rounds of buffalo mozzarella, feature the family's cultivated food.

    All of these frozen desserts come from Chicho Gelato. Pizzas can be ordered in both small and large sizes, and gluten-free crusts can be substituted upon request (small only). In well as serving dine-in customers, Monsterella offers takeout and delivery service to nearby areas.

    What are those at their cores? Light as air, naturally raised for 48 hours, crispy and chewy, perfect. That condiment? Obviously, the best tomatoes are San Marzano ones. Tempting pasta dishes that may win over even the most devoted pizza lover? we wish you a good meal!

    perth propeller restaurant


    Designed by Siobhan Blumann and Hamish Fleming, Propeller has become an iconic landmark in the state's busiest port, which had previously been home to nothing but weeds for the better part of two decades. The casual yet astute service goes hand in hand with the distinctive blue shipping container, outdoor patio, and crudely painted brick interior.

    In the menu, prepared by executive chef Kurt Sampson, a familiar dish is given a new, global twist. Monday morning jaffles for the early birds (Nutella and pear; gruyere and tomato; lamb, almonds and minted peas). Kefalograviera (sheep's milk) cheese and za'atar flatbreads are a delicious way to explore new culinary territory at weekend brunches.

    The supper menu is set out in a share-plate style, providing options for meat eaters, fish eaters, plant eaters, and dessert lovers alike. In terms of regions, the wide wine list focuses on Australia and Europe, with the occasional foray into the United States.

    It's no exaggeration to say that the wood-fired pizzas here regularly draw large crowds. Even better, they can be retrieved every day at noon. Flipside, Dominion League, Mechanics' Institute, and Mrs. Brown are similar establishments in the area.


    It's worth the effort to wind your way through Maylands's alleys to reach Rossonero. In a converted garage, you'll find a pizzeria with top-notch pies and welcoming staff. Rossonero is about to become your new favourite place in town if you enjoy your pizza with a side of wild good times.

    Rossonero is currently located in a structure that was once occupied by a chemist, a religious organisation, and, to begin with, a car garage. The latter is what served as inspiration for owners Nat Atkins and Fil Pakioufakis (ex-The Brisbane HotelClarences, Bivouac, Neighbourhood Pizza).

    Smooth, shiny concrete. Wooden details. Decorational brickwork with paint. The decor is on the verge of minimalist, but the atmosphere is far from quiet, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the place fills up with revellers. Lightly baked, golden pizzas topped with rich ingredient combinations like Brussel sprouts and pancetta have replaced the traditional, blistered wood-fired pizzas.

    Rossonero's pizzas are baked to a golden brown and lightly tanned, in contrast to the charry, woodfired pizzas, blistered, served at most other pizzerias. The bases are so subtle that they complement the other flavours rather than overpower them.

    It's interesting to note that the kitchen is fully equipped with a conveyor oven, a flashy piece of gear that is instantly recognisable to anyone who has worked at Pizza Hut, Domino'sEagle Boys, or any other pizza business with a seven figure budget for television advertisements.

    You can tell these thin-crust pizzas are "not your nonna's pizzas" by their titles and unusual topping combinations. A balsamic glaze tops the cacciatore, rocket, and tomatoes that make up the Glaze of Glory. We’re trying to think of the name for a pie that has brussels sprouts, pancetta, and parmesan. That crow is named Brussel Crowe. Vegetarians and vegans can choose from a variety of items, and cheese is not a problem.

    Just like the decor, the rest of the menu is extremely minimal. Chicho Gelato, sandwiched between two homemade vanilla chocolate chip cookies, is available both as the first and last dessert option. While waiting for a table, diners can snack on a tin of meaty olives; fresh chilli can be provided on demand.

    We just can't get enough of the Sticky Pig, and neither should vegetarians or vegans, who can enjoy all the same deliciousness thanks to their vegan-friendly cheese and plethora of limited-time specials posted on Instagram. They've also installed a cool espresso bar to the storefront, complete with top-shelf coffee and Conti rolls, as if that weren't enough.

    perth canteen pizza restaurant

    Canteen Pizza

    A typical pizza place, Canteen is anything but. The position on the beach with those views is beautiful, so we suppose things could be worse. If you find yourself in Cottesloe Beach, make your day-long destination Canteen Pizza. The Il Lido team's pizza is a bright and airy space with white walls and furnishings, blonde wood, and polished concrete, all of which contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Although this link has been the focus of much of the buzz around Canteen Pizza, critics with more refined palates may argue that the supporting cast member is the better option. There may not be a better deal elsewhere on the West Coast than the $25 market fish. Canteen, like its predecessor Il Lido, instead manages to capture the essence of Naples's eternal summer.

    Porchetta (wood-roasted pork) is also available in single, double, and family sizes, as well as a porchetta "panini" served during lunchtime, which features slices of the pig packed into a pita pocket-like bun produced from the same dough as the pizza.

    OK, now let's talk about those baked goods. These pliable examples, fashioned from long-fermented dough in the style of Naples, are crucial to Perth's pizza culture. The kitchen has taken great care in stocking the pizza station with high-quality ingredients: the buffalo mozzarella is a DOP cheese imported from Campania, and the fior di latte, the cow's-milk counterpart of mozzarella, is made by Sydney's cheesemakers par excellence, Vannella. In charge is the skilled pizza maker Vincenzo Basco.

    They have a small selection of deceptively straightforward pizzas including fior di latte, sausage, fennel, fresh chilli, and broccoli. But, take it from us; it serves its purpose. Canteen's motto, "Pizza, wine, and a real good time," is reflected in the restaurant's aperitivo specials and the cheap pizza and pinot offers offered on Monday nights.

    Mark Rutter, the venue's manager, has put together a fantastic wine list that serves as a unifying element. This list is dedicated to the little people who are making a great difference, he says on the reverse side of the single-sided A4 paper. Australian and Italian wines with minimal interference will abound, and you may order them by the bottle, half litre, glass (150 ml), or the smaller, designated driver-friendly 100 ml pour.

    Lalla Rookh

    Subterranean to St. George's Terrace, the pub and restaurant Lalla Rookh offers ous oasis from the hustle and bustle of the streets above. There's a lot to enjoy between the lively public bar, the European-style outdoor courtyard, and the sumptuous lounge. The reason you're here, though, is for the restaurant's cuisine.

    With a bowerbird approach to Italian cuisine, head chef Alexandra Haynes is making waves. This breezy, Mediterranean-influenced heirloom beetroot and goats curd salad combines flavours and influences from the north and south of the country. On the other hand, if you're looking for something heartier to eat, try a radicchio and smoked pig neck salad.

    The homemade pasta has not lost any of its structural integrity. Even if there are many options, those who have trouble making decisions can always choose from Il Capo's six-course menu. More than 300 boutique Australian and Italian wines, some of which you may be familiar with and others which you may want to learn more about, are carefully selected and maintained by sommeliers Jeremy Prus and Sarah Atkinson. Fans of beer and cider will not be disappointed. There are a variety of guest beers on tap at Lalla Rookh, which brings the total to 38.


    Entering Dough, a retro-style pizzeria, is a bit like entering Italy itself; from the pizza bases to the language spoken behind the counter, everything is genuine.

    The original Neapolitan cook came from a long line of pizza chefs, thus Dough's chewy crust and high-quality toppings quickly won over customers when the restaurant originally debuted near Rooftop Cinemas. Popcorn almost became obsolete thanks to that wood-fired pizza.

    Penne Amatriciana (penne served with diced pancetta in a handmade tomato sauce) and Fettuccine Gamberi (fettuccine served with shrimp) are just two examples of the pasta dishes that have been added to the menu since the restaurant's change in ownership.

    Chef de cuisine Daniele Priori also sells bottled versions of his homemade tomato puree (passata di Pomodoro) to take home. One thing that hasn't altered, thankfully, is the Buffalo Mozzarella Margherita. With good reason, it continues to be Dough's best-selling product today.

    The restaurant's exposed brick walls are adorned with black and white photographs of iconic Italian film actors like Marcello Mastroianni and Sofia Loren, and the tables are arranged in a snug famiglia fashion. An endearing ambience is produced.

    Despite Dough's liquor licence, guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol. We recommend a bottle of Chianti. Don't even think about taking your time over dinner though. If you're in a hurry, this isn't the best spot to stop for a meal. Choose from one of 23 delectable pizzas made in the Naples manner, including a dessert pizza.

    perth king somm restaurant

    King Somm

    The irresistible allure of King Somm, a local pizzeria, bar, and bottleshop, may be enough to convince us to make Bayswater our permanent home. King Somm has an excellent wine selection to complement their simple but tasty Italian-style pizza.

    The relaxed vibe at King Somm begins with the extensive wine list, which may be enjoyed on the spot or taken with you. Considering the limited but extensive beer selection, this is a neighbourhood watering hole that serves up big ideas and even bigger beverages.

    Many good points may be found here. First, the space has a clean, modern style that complements the historic architecture of the venue. Bar manager Mariusz Ganski and five-year Duende veteran Colleen Carney are among the floor staff's cumulative resume highlights (ex-Must Winebar). All the warmth of tube-amplified vintage speakers in the background.

    Most notably, however, is the room's ability to make one feel at home immediately. If you've never been to King Somm before, you might think it's been around a lot longer than it actually has. The porchetta pizza topped with kale, roast chilli, and onions is the best thing on the short but powerful pizza menu. A weekly special is also included and should not be missed.

    We currently offer pies such as prosciutto with artichoke, spinach, and gorgonzola crème, or a salty, briny anchovy, caper, and chilli oil combination. Even the pickiest pizza eater will be satisfied by the 72-hour "pasta riporto" dough and carefully selected toppings.

    King Somm also features an incredibly popular pizza joint called Jane Dough Pizza (also offering to take away). A lot of the fundamentals of making pizza are covered at Jane Dough, which is run by seasoned Perth chef Ben Atkinson (Meat Candy, Ace Pizza, The Old Crow). pizza dough that has been given ample time to rise and rise again. Fior di latte cheese and San Marzano tomatoes. Zesti oven that uses wood for combustion.

    Sparse toppings like pork and fennel sausage, roasted onions, and salsa verde are reminiscent of the Mediterranean. And southern Italian salmoriglio (garlic mayonnaise) with roasted capsicum and anchovies. It's not just the toppings that are unexpected. The tiny plates are exquisitely crafted; diners rave about the fish Crudo with nectarine and black sesame and the lamb ribs with saffron yoghurt.

    Si Paradiso

    Yes, you have witnessed Si Paradiso before. And what about that laminex surface? identical to what we remember eating at Grandma's house. What about the outside courtyard's washed aggregate concrete? stolen from the elementary school pool party of your imagination.

    What do you think of the mismatch between the indoor and outdoor table and chairs and the framed artwork on the wall? Enjoy the several European trattorias that serve authentic Roman cuisine? Everything in Si Paradiso has some texture, from the stains to the chips. The fact that it has flaws was chosen on purpose in order to increase its endearing quality.

    There is a comparable international flair to the food and drink. The wine collection is primarily composed of natural-leaning, low-fi vintages from Italy and Western Australia. The cocktail menu features many variations on Campari-based drinks including the Negroni and the Americano from the 1930s and 1940s. There is a wide selection of beers on tap, many of which are produced by the thriving craft brewing industry in the state.

    Not to mention, there are pizzas with fancy toppings. Thin, golden, and tender, the crust is the product of a dough perfected by Chu Bakery's Ryan Chu. San Marzano tomatoes are used in the sauce, and it can be customised with items like salumi, confit garlic, and high-quality cheese.

    Other items on the menu include salads, grilled steak, sandwiches, spaghetti, and high-quality fried seafood. You can also dance the night away because there will be a jazz band playing inside. Cale Mason, the restaurant's owner, was inspired to create this vibe after visiting Italy, where it is common for people to gather at a single location for all their dining, drinking, and socialising needs. In Italy, these establishments tend to be a bit haphazard and make little sense, but they still manage to bring people together for a good time. The vintage Amalfi atmosphere at Si Paradiso will make you forget that you're in modern-day Perth.

    Share appetisers like kingfish Crudo, burrata, and cacio e Pepe, smashing gourmet pizzas, and a number of traditional desserts round out the experience, along with gigantic cocktails and a space you won't want to leave, indoors or out. Wishing you the best of luck with your decision.

    Neighbourhood Pizza

    Neighbourhood Pizza is as Perth as it gets, located in a restored warehouse in the supermarket parking lot. There is always a need for a trustworthy local in any given area. Neighborhood Pizza is exactly that for the people of Mount Hawthorn. The remodelled warehouse may be found in the supermarket's parking lot and serves both in-house and takeout customers.

    There are big communal tables, a snooker table, and an open kitchen where you can watch them make the best pepperonis in town. There is a rock and roll score playing throughout. New York-style pizzas are the inspiration for the "one size fits all" pizzas. Spicy salami, bocconcini, and kale, or pumpkin, nuts, feta, chilli, and mint are just a few of the toppings that might be added to the thin, crispy, woodfired bases that come in half and half sizes.

    Even pizza purists can't complain about the combo of speck, pineapple, and jalapeo in a grown-up Hawaiian. The kitchen is finished off with a simple salad of spinach, gorgonzola and walnuts. Those with gluten intolerance won't leave hungry thanks to the gluten-free crusts, but others with a sweet tooth will have to wait until tomorrow for dessert.

    When paying a neighbour a visit, it is considered good manners to bring something to drink. Tumblers, not fine wine glasses, will be provided. Pizzas here are less traditional than elsewhere, drawing from New York, Canada, and modern Australia, but they're nonetheless fantastic. Maple syrup, sweet potato, potato, and rosemary might not be on Nonna's pizza wish list, but it's a winner in our books.

    perth alfred’s pizzeria

    Alfred’s Pizzeria

    Alfred's Pizza, a pub and restaurant, has a lighthearted side that is apparent right away. When customers walk down the stairs to this former record store, they are greeted by neon signs advertising the house specialities.

    Alfred's Pizzeria is open late to feed the late-night customers adequately greasy and cheesy pizza. Those crooks at Little Bar really know how to get you into their basement. You might be drawn in by the aroma of pepperoni and BBQ sauce, or by the neon 'Pizza Liquor Cheese' sign that hangs over the stairwell leading down from Barrack.

    Hanging from the window sills are imitation garlic cloves and red chilli peppers. The cosy dining room is adorned with gingham tablecloths and two not-very-accurate paintings of Madonna and Axl Rose. The decor could have come straight out of the '80s, yet it owes just as much to Scorsese. The rock score maintains an optimistic tone.

    The pizzas have a more classic flavour profile, but their titles are anything but. Instead, Cheang and chef Ben McDonald combed through cultural lore to come up with creative pie titles like the Princess Peach (mushroom, rocket, gorgonzola,) and the Rocky (chilli, Italian sausages, and basil).

    Cheang gave his prawn and zucchini pie the name "Mos Eisley" because, as a child, he mistook the members of the band that played in the iconic Star Wars cantina for prawns. Since the dough was allowed to rise for two days before being baked, it has a beautiful airy texture, and the base is just slightly crisped from the electric oven.

    Pizza-specific drink specials are available. Craft and popular, canned and bottled beers sit alongside wines with an Italian focus on the menu. The bar has stronger booze than your ordinary pizza joint, so go ahead and splash out on a $99 shot of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon or sip on a perfectly mixed Manhattan or Negroni.

    No Menu Finest Italian 448

    Tablecloths, theatricality, and elaborate decor were all important to Maurizio Di Ciano at his Fitzgerald Street restaurant, Maurizio. The renowned restaurateur is aiming for a more casual vibe at his new restaurant, No Menu. Di Ciano is still putting in substantial effort with its food, despite the fact that its decor is more laid-back than that of No Menu (which features unclothed tables, booths, and a painting by Perth street artist Handbrake).

    The wood-fired oven was left behind by the former tenant, Ace Pizza, and will be utilised to produce savoury and sweet pies daily. Vegetable-wise, stuffed roasted capsicums are a common choice. Cacio e Pepe, the renowned sharp one-two of black pepper and pecorino Romano cheese, will be served with the handmade pasta, which may include anything from salmon gnocchi to spaghetti chitarra.

    The restaurant's "no menu," a chef's menu of family-style dishes (from $50 per person), takes centre stage despite the daily fare being written in chalk on a blackboard. The kitchen staff's market finds will inspire the daily dishes featured here.

    During the afternoon "aperitivo" hour, patrons can enjoy complimentary small plates with the purchase of a drink. This "beautiful Italian food" includes dishes like eggs in purgatory (like an Italian shakshuka), fried eggs, and fresh Italian sausage on bread, and zabaglione (a dessert formed by whisking together egg yolks, sugar, and marsala wine, which Di Ciano calls "the Italian Red Bull").

    Boo Too

    Christian Simone, who first founded the popular dive coffee shop Boo Espresso in 2015, has now opened a second location. This time around, you can get pizza in the evening and brunch during the day. Boo Too is like its older sibling in many ways, including being a neighbourhood coffee shop that welcomes pets, but with one key difference: pizza.

    Simone says that Boo's pizza style is a cross between Neapolitan and Roman since it has a thin, crisp crust but a chewy centre. With the opening of Boo Too, a "mother yeast" was created that will be used for the duration of the restaurant's existence. Red and white pizzas are offered, with traditional toppings placed in unusual ways. There are both classic and novel tastes available. Although the "Margherita" is always a safe bet, the "Donnie Brasco" pizza, which features asparagus, rocket, crushed pistachios, and mortadella, is a bit more out of the ordinary.

    The "Boo Balls," which are essentially fried cheese balls, are a must-order, whether you're getting them on pizza or dipping toast in tomato sauce. Boo Too, albeit still near to the original, is located in a corner store next to Hyde Park, where customers can eat outside. A massive gas and wood-fired pizza oven takes up most of the cooking space, while enormous windows in the front let natural light flood the dining area.

    There is a daily breakfast service until 2:30 PM, and there is coffee and cake available 24/7. Currently, guests can choose from a wide variety of breakfast options, from pancakes to slow-cooked eggs in red capsicum and San Marzano tomato sauce. At 5:30 p.m., we start serving pizza. Coffee at Boo Too is roasted by Northbridge Coffee Roasters, just like it was at the original location. And it is served after dark.


    Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's are just a few of the many great pizza restaurants in Perth. Most restaurants in Perth used to serve Neapolitan pizza, but the younger generation has encouraged culinary innovation. Pizza joints with every imaginable kind may be found in Perth, and these places serve the city's finest pies. One visit to Monsterella, a neighbourhood pub and restaurant run by a kind family, and you'll wish it were your regular hangout. The world would benefit from more Monsterella-style pizza joints in the suburbs.

    Families are encouraged to visit, and the restaurant shows its appreciation by including colouring pages and crayons with each pizza order. The pizza at Monsterella, a Neapolitan pizzeria, can be topped with everything from lamb to smoked salmon to pineapple. Pizzas are best when made with dough that has been fermented for at least 48 hours and include the popular Bufalina and Frankie topping combination. Pasta dishes such as pappardelle carbonara with truffle oil, spaghetti with kale and spinach pesto, and spaghetti with meatballs in red sauce make the cut. Seasonal treats like the Caprese salad utilise the produce grown by Nicolo's family, and the juiciness and smokey flavour of Arossticini honour his Abruzesse heritage.

    Content Summary

    1. We are the go-to pizza place whether you want a traditional slice, a thin and crispy slice, or something a touch out of the ordinary.
    2. Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's are just a few of the many great pizza restaurants in Perth.
    3. These three pizzerias have something for every pizza fan.
    4. In the past, most Perth restaurants only offered Neapolitan-style pizza, which is typically cooked in a wood-burning oven and features a crisp crust and a chewy interior.
    5. It's amazing to observe the outcomes: modern pizzas that rival the best Neapolitan renditions are easy to find, even if they're baked in electric ovens or made with tomatoes other than the legendary San Marzano sort.
    6. If you're looking for a dozen more options that are sure to satiate your needs, check out our blog post in which we rank the top pizza joints in town from best to worst.
    7. Monsterella Pie It would be easy to complicate everything unnecessarily, but to put it plainly: Monsterella gets a lot of things right.
    8. One visit to Monsterella, a neighbourhood pub and restaurant run by a kind family, and you'll wish it were your regular hangout.
    9. The world would benefit from more Monsterella-style pizza joints in the suburbs.
    10. The white walls give off an image of casual sophistication.
    11. Families are encouraged to visit, and the restaurant shows its appreciation by including colouring pages and crayons with each pizza order.
    12. Tania Nicolo and Ryan Bookless, who are business partners, believe that the best way to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood is to invest as little time and energy as possible into the endeavour.
    13. The bar is always packed with regulars and newcomers on any given night of the week.
    14. The popularity of Monsterella's food and the kind, welcoming service it provides its customers in no way reflect negatively on either factor.
    15. Monsterella succeeds in mastering many of the essentials of pizza making.
    16. Pizzas are baked in a hot, wood-fired oven with dough produced from a blend of flours that has been fermented for at least 48 hours so that the dough can acquire flavour and texture.
    17. Restaurants usually provide pies with lamb, smoked salmon, and even pineapple for those who prefer more conventional contents.
    18. Monsterella's pizzas are different from the typical saucy Neapolitan style that requires the use of cutlery because of the thick crusts.
    19. Pasta dishes such as pappardelle carbonara with truffle oil, spaghetti with kale and spinach pesto, and spaghetti with meatballs in red sauce make the cut.
    20. The meaty, smoky flavour of Arossticini is a tribute to Nicolo's Abruzzese heritage (delicate lamb skewers).
    21. Caprese salad, an amazing stack of layers of delicious, juicy tomatoes and creamy rounds of buffalo mozzarella, is a showcase for the family's seasonal harvest.
    22. Chicho Gelato is the source of all of these frozen treats.
    23. Little and large pizzas are available for order, and gluten-free crusts are available upon request (small only).
    24. Monsterella not only serves those who choose to eat in, but also those who would like to order takeout or have their food delivered.
    25. As fluffy as a cloud, organically leavened for 48 hours, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, just right.
    26. At the state's busiest port, which had been neglected for twenty years, Siobhan Blumann and Hamish Fleming's Propeller has become an instant landmark.
    27. The casual yet perceptive service complements the restaurant's unique blue shipping container, patio, and badly painted brick interior.
    28. The menu features an updated, international take on a classic dish from the kitchen of head chef Kurt Sampson.
    29. Start your week off right with some Monday morning jaffles (Nutella and pear; gruyere and tomato; lamb, almonds and minted peas).
    30. Try something fresh for brunch on the weekends with kefalograviera (sheep's milk) cheese and za'atar flatbreads.
    31. The dinner menu is set out in a communal plate fashion, with dishes that will appeal to carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, and sweet tooths equally.
    32. Australia and Europe are well represented on the extensive wine list, with the United States making an appearance sometimes.
    33. It's hardly an exaggeration to say that the wood-fired pizzas here are the primary reason the place is always packed.
    34. You may find establishments like Flipside, Dominion League, Mechanics' Institute, and Mrs. Brown in the neighbourhood.
    35. Rossonero The trip through Maylands's maze of lanes to Rossonero is well worth it.
    36. The pizzeria, which is housed in what was once a garage, is known for its excellent pizza and friendly service.
    37. If you like your pizza with a side of crazy good times, Rossonero is set to become your new favourite eatery in town.
    38. Rossonero's current digs were formerly used as a chemist's shop, a church, and, initially, a garage.
    39. The latter is what prompted founders Nat Atkins and Fil Pakioufakis to create their business (ex-The Brisbane Hotel, Clarences, Bivouac, Neighbourhood Pizza).
    40. Although the decor is almost entirely devoid of accessories, the mood is anything but serene, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the room is packed with partygoers.
    41. Anyone familiar with the inner workings of Pizza Hut, Domino's, Eagle Boys, or any other pizza joint with a seven figure advertising budget will recognise the conveyor oven that comes standard in this kitchen.
    42. You can tell these pizzas on thin crust are "not your nonna's pizzas" because of their creative names and out-of-the-ordinary topping choices.
    43. The ingredients of the Glaze of Glory—cacciatore, rocket, and tomatoes—are finished with a balsamic glaze.
    44. We're brainstorming names for a pie that features brussels sprouts, pancetta, and parmesan, but we can't decide on a winner.
    45. There is plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, including cheese.
    46. The rest of the cuisine is as sparse as the furnishings.
    47. The first and last dessert choices are Chicho Gelato sandwiches, created with two handcrafted vanilla chocolate chip cookies.
    48. Guests waiting for a table can nosh on a tin of meaty olives; on request, fresh chilli will be added.
    49. Sticky Pig is one of our favourite restaurants, and now even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy all the same great food without sacrificing their diets, thanks to the restaurant's vegan-friendly cheese and a slew of Instagram-only specials.
    50. As if that wasn't enough, they added a hip espresso bar to the front of the business, stocked with gourmet coffee and delicious Conti rolls.
    51. The pizza joint run by the Il Lido crew is a light and spacious place with white walls and furniture, blonde wood, and polished concrete.
    52. While this connection has received the majority of the press for Canteen Pizza, others may argue that the supporting player is the superior choice.
    53. We doubt you'll find a better value than the $25 market fish anywhere else on the West Coast.
    54. Similar to its predecessor, Il Lido, Canteen succeeds in evoking the perpetual summer that characterises Naples.
    55. There are also single, double, and family portions of wood-roasted pork (porchetta), as well as a porchetta "panini" offered during lunchtime, which consists of slices of the pig stuffed into a pita pocket-like bun made from the same dough as the pizza.
    56. Perth's pizza culture relies heavily on these bendy specimens made from long-fermented dough in the tradition of Naples.
    57. The pizza station has been stocked with only the freshest and finest ingredients by the kitchen staff. The buffalo mozzarella is a DOP cheese imported from Campania, and the fior di latte, the cow's-milk equivalent of mozzarella, is created by Sydney's cheesemakers par excellence, Vannella.
    58. You can choose between fior di latte, sausage, fennel, fresh chilli, and broccoli on one of their few, seemingly simple pizzas.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza Places In Perth

    Pizza has become one of Australia's favourite dishes. That's surprising considering that pizza was only really introduced in Australia in the late-1940s, when Italians and Greeks migrated to Australia following the Second World War. Since then, our country's pizza market has evolved rapidly.

    A common unique type is the Aussie, Australian or Australian, which has the usual tomato base or a seasoned base and mozzarella cheese with options of chicken, ham, bacon and egg (seen as quintessentially Australian breakfast fare). Pizzas with seafood such as prawns are also popular.

    The traditional Aussie pie features standard tomato sauce and mozzarella, but the toppings are morning favorites including bacon, ham, and egg. Barbecue sauce is also often used in place of tomato sauce in pizza shops in Australia.

    Umami: The Flavor That Makes Pizza Enticing. Pizza is full of umami, which means “delicious” in Japanese. Just like the other types of taste, which are sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, umami is a rich and savory flavor that your taste buds taste and recognize.

    By the 1920's pizza had begun to become a part of Australia's food culture, but it wasn't until the post-WWII mass migrations of Europeans in the 1950's and 60's that saw our obsession with pizza really explode.

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